Winning ain't everything

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Life is about winning
but not everything you can win.

In Brunei, I noticed that people tend to compete with each other, may it be friendly rivalry, betting rivalry or damned too serious rivalry. I guess Bruneians have a very strong feeling of competitiveness. LOL!

What we compete about? Almost everything, I shall say.

Are you brilliant? Are you genius?
Do you have good grades?
Do you have a degree (undergraduate)?
Do you have a master (postgraduate)? (coz everyone got a degree nowdays)
Do you have a good, highly paid job?
Do you have a good-looking, wealthy boy/girl friend or husband/wife?
What car you drive?
What car your boy/girlfriend or husband/wife drives?
Do you have your own home? (coz if you have your own home, it shows you can AFFORD to have your own home)
How many kids do you have?
bla bla bla...

Then nowdays, the trend is more gadjetic, if there is such a word.
Do you have a laptop? (coz everyone gotta have at least 1 laptop)
Which brand? (if you have an iPad, wow! that would be impressive)
What mobile phone you using? Is it touch screen or using QWERTY keypads? (if none of those 2, then you are outdated - like I am!)
What camera you using? Digital = "oh ok"; DSLR = "wow" (a small digital camera won't compete with DSLR!)
What TV you have at home? LCD screen? HD? Home theater?
What DVD player you have? Blu-Ray?

Gosh! Sometimes it's just so unbelievable how people would go to make sure that they are winning in all these.
It just so pathetic.
I'm not saying that I don't feel any envy when people flaunt what they have infront of my eyes - intentionally or unintentionally. I do! Before today, I might be tempted to level myself up with all these people but when I think about it, what's the use?

Sure, you will get satisfaction when people say, "WOW!" in your face but to what extend? One time, you might be the first to get all the new stuffs but when one time, you are left behind, what you gonna do? Catch up?

Something to share ;)

3 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

I've plenty gadgets but I'm not there to compete & win to anyone. Some people are really obsessed with gadgets or making it as a hobby, just that :)

iantie said...

jgn tah terasa m8..m not talking bt u. i'm posting in general

Didz-W said...

None taken m8, I was actually commenting in general too. Just adding the fact that there's something else other than winning, that is obsession.

But I scored 3 out of 4 of the gadgets u mentioned :P Ceh!

Anyway, imy m8!