Anugerah Cinta - Nurmi Syakimi

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Title: Anugerah Cinta
Author: Nurmi Syakimi
No. of Pages: 493 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

I just bought this novel yesterday and I finished reading it last night - 8 hours straight! Now, some of you would ask me, is the novel worth it to finish it in 1 night? Is it really a page turner?

It's the first time I heard of this writer and well, obviously it was her first novel I read.

I'm not sure how to classify the storyline - love triangle? Hmmm.. not really. 4 main characters: Nur Amira, Tengku Faizal, Julia and Tengku Amirul.

On his mother's deathbed, Tengku Faizal agreed to an arranged marriage set up by his mother and her best friend, Nur Amira's mother. Amira, who just recently graduated agreed to the marriage after being persuaded by her mother and after saw Faizal's photo. Love at first sight? Maybe.

In agreeing to this marriage, Faizal broke off with his gf, Julia. Julia, who was frustrated, went away and Faizal was devastated. From that moment on, he installed himself to hate Amira and on their wedding night, he even told Amira the truth of his feeling *awwww... so cruel*

Amira, who knew that she made the right decision (to the arranged marriage) promised to herself that she would try to win Faizal's heart. While Faizal was in dilemma due to his late mother's will - half of Faizal's family wealth would go to Amira once they are married but if Faizal decided to marry other (polygamy), he would lose all his wealth to Amira except for his company and he would lose everything if he decided to divorce Amira.

Then entered Tengku Amirul, Faizal's cousin and Amira's ex-schoolmate, who once confessed his love to Amira. While Faizal tried to win Julia over, Amirul tried to win Amira. Complicated...

For his undying love to Julia, Faizal created a lie. He told Julia that he's going to divorce Amira hence he and Julia got back together. Julia even stayed at Faizal's home (with Amira) while Faizal was looking for a house for Julia and he told her that Amira is his cousin.

What would happen to this kind of relationship/marriage? Nothing good, I tell you...

After Amira told Amirul that she couldn't love other, Amirul back off - reluctantly. Faizal decided to marry Julia but intend to keep Amira too. But after his uncle and aunt's persuasion to ask him to let Amira free (coz they love Amira so much), Faizal got no choice but to divorce Amira once he married Julia.

What happened next? Oh... you gotta read it for yourself. To know what would happen next was what kept me reading until 2 am!

But of course, fictions like these always end with happy ending ;)

I gave this 7 out of 10!

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

wow you read fast girl!!

iantie said...

haha.. that's what happened if i got nothing else to do laura.. =D