Desires of a Perfect Lady - Victoria Alexander

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No. of Pages: 376 pages
Publisher: Avon Books / Harper Collins

It's been quiet a while I didn't post any book reviews of the books and novels I had read and I rarely posted any reviews on English novels. Why? I also have no solid idea... hehe. But I'm trying to start now.. but slowly.

I bought this book early this month and although my reading was quiet slow but I manage to finish it.

10 years ago, Sterling - who would be the future Earl of Wyldewood - expected to marry his sweetheart, Olivia. But Olivia's father had something else planned on his mind. He forced Olivia to marry Viscount Rathbourne and told Sterling that Olivia decided to marry other.

Olivia, who was scared to marry Rathbourne, known for his reputations, sent letters and letters to Sterling, asking for his help in escaping the marriage. Sterling who was frustrated, ignored her letters... unopened. And when no help came, Olivia assumed that she couldn't depend on anyone apart from herself.

10 years later, Rathbourne die and in order for Olivia to inherit what's left of Rathbourne's money and assets, she must fulfill and complete Rathbourne's will, which involved searching and acquiring sought after antiques. With no funds and unsuccessful attempts to kill her, Olivia got no one to turn to - except to Sterling, the Earl of Wyldewood.

Together, they traveled to Paris, Egypt, Venice and back to London. Along the way, they tried to confront each other with what happened 10 years ago.

Would the misunderstanding can finally be unwind? And could they trust each other in this quest to fulfilled the Rathbourne's will and 'free' Olivia from the life she hated for the last 10 years?

p.s. feel free to click on the link for further description ;)

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ゆき Ezura said...

somehow this book does attract my attention.. heheh next time boleh tak pinjam.. or you can tell me where to get a copy