"Count Your Blessing"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh! I'm saying this to myself over and over again eversince I heard a motivational talk few days back. Me? Motivational talk? Of course! I love to read, listen and attend any motivational books or talks when ever I got the chance.

And "Count Your Blessing" is the topic of this week.

If you have been following my blog and read all (or almost) of my nonsense entries, you might notice that in some posts, I always complaint about some things or other - well, mainly about work! LOL! Yup! Complaints, complaints, complaints! Dissatisfactions, dissatisfactions and more dissatisfactions!

But then, I'm just a normal human...
Which normal human who doesn't complain?

But, when you think about it and when I think about it,
I am being blessed in so many ways that I just don't realise until recently.
Oh, I do realise most of them but then there are much more stuffs and things that I'm being blessed with...

I might not be 100% happy with my job, but at least I got a job,right?
I got a job that can allow me to feed myself and my family, bought my own car and pay my own bills.
Imagine those people who don't have a job? How can they feed and support their family?

I have a loving family. True, no family is perfect and my family is one of those imperfect ones. But we are here for each other, loving, supporting and helping each other - always!
Imagine those who don't have any family? I can't imagine living alone in this world...

So, from now on, I would complaint less (hopefully!) and I would make it a habit of mine to be grateful for whatever that may come my ways...
Besides good things always come in disguise ;)

"Count your blessings,
not your problems"

2 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

interesting that you posted this.... or more that i read it today.
today is the canadian holiday for thanksgiving and your little pic has the maple leaf on it which is the emblem of canada. COOL
its true always be grateful for what you have
~laura xx

iantie said...

what a coincidence..but i always have a thing for maple leaf. maybe i'm a canadian at heart LOL!
happy thanksgiving laura ;)