"Mini Cooper"

Thursday, October 21, 2010
It's been quiet a while (too) I didn't post any jokes (adapted from The Office Inbox Joke Book), so here I go again... considering that I got some free time ;)

This guy went to work without realising he did not zip his trousers.

His secretary noticed and said to him, "You didn't close the garage."

The guy did not understand so he went to call his wife and asked if the garage door was closed. His wife said, "Of course honey, the garage door is closed."

The guy went to his secretary and told her that his wife said the garage door is closed. The lady realised that he did not understand her, so she moved a little closer and said, "I mean you did not zip your trousers." The guy said, "OK," and went to his office and zipped his trousers.

When he came back he asked his secretary, "When the garage was open, did you see my Mercedes Benz?"

The lady answered, "No, only a Mini Cooper with two flat tyres."

5 knock knock:

Didzy said...

bhahaha! hilarious! good one m8!

iantie said...

i thought so too!
oh, there are so many jokes but most of them are SX-rated..
gotta choose carefully what I post or people will take offend eventhough it's just a joke.. hehe

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hahah i like that one too :)

ONN said...

Adeh! Ni lagi satu lawak pecah perut!! Thanks!!! Bertuah sy hari ni dapat jalan2 d blog baru yg ada lawak best! XD

iantie said...

laura - me three! hehe

ONN - thanx for blog-walking.. ada some jokes lagi kat blog nie, feel free to scroll, search + read ;)

have a nice weekend everyone!