Tak Secantik Husna - Ainul Hazrah

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Title: Tak Secantik Husna
Author: Ainul Hazrah
No. of Pages: 488 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

I had been reading some Malay novels lately (and before this novel) but I haven't got the chance to post their reviews just yet so I will go ahead with my latest read.

Luqman Hariez was asked to choose one out of seven from the Mak Tok's granddaughter to be his wife. Wow! Can you readers imagine? You gotta choose 1 from 7? I couldn't even choose 1 out of 3 men if you ask me...

Anyway, Luqman Hariez was given 6 pictures of the granddaughters. Where is the 7th? Mak Tok asked him to just ignore the 7th granddaughter so Hariez thought she was retartded. From the pictures, the eldest and Mak Tok's favourite granddaughter captured his eyes - Husna who is almost perfect. Then entered the 7th granddaughter, Tija, the granddaughter that Mak Tok hated but who managed to capture Hariez's attention and time.

When the time came for Hariez to make the decision and pick his bride-to-be, it proved not to be easy. He choose Tija over Husna which fueled Mak Tok's anger and hatred to Tija. Mak Tok influenced Husna to 'take' Hariez from Tija and from there, it's the battle of the 2 cousins. Love triangle? More or less between a man and 2 cousins... Yikes! It sure to be messy.

What happened next?
Does it worth the read? YES!

Haven't read anything from Ainul Hazrah before but gotta be honest, this book is definitly worth it ;)

I gave it 8 out of 10!

2 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

well, even if i cant read it, its got a pretty cover!

iantie said...

i love the cover too...
roses and butterflies are definitly catching the eyes ;)