Me and Twitter

Sunday, October 24, 2010
I had been a twitter member oh, I think since a year ago.. or was it 2 years back?
But I rarely use it.
Coz I have no idea how to use the twitter...
... so basically I'm clueless about twitter.

I think I haven't grab the whole concept of tweeting yet.
Facebook-ing, I'm not a regular but I do check my facebook page everyday.
In my opinion, twitter is like 'stalking' LOL!
I dunno if that's the correct word for it but that's how I feel.

Hollywood superstars, artists and who-is-who are using twitter to 'communicate' with others outside of their circle - their fans and all.
And it's a good thing too.
I mean, if I'm a dying fan of some actors or artists, I would like to know what they are up to...
... but for me, what's the use of tweeting?

*hmmmm... *

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

i dont tweet either... at least not yet anyway :)

Didz said...

I'm also dumb dumb with twitter :o

beanizer_05 said...

me too! i don't find twitter that interesting (though i keep an account)..FB is alright,,but i still prefer blogger(s)..i love stalking blogs than celebrities..

anyway,, belated happy birthday!..guess i forgot to greet you..

iantie said...

laura - i don't tweet much so that leaves me 'stalking' people or celebrities mostly.. hehe

m8 - dumb? u? nah.. blur, maybe but not dumb.. LOL!

bean - i know love bloggers than other but it's ok to try new things once in a while... and thank you for the wish (u did wish me in advance right - in blogger) =)

ゆき Ezura said...

Twitter is kinda fun!! you just update whatever you want there such as going somewhere or doing what.. mostly popular to celebrity where the fans will get updates about them doing what.

And yeah!! I'm a twitter. kinda fun if you have a tweet partner where you can always spam them

iantie said...

cuz - i knw u r a twitter addict but for me, i don't think i need twitter.. nuthing to update..haha!