Friday, October 1, 2010
Me and books are inseparable. Yup! You can call me whatever you want - geek, bookworm, whatever - and I don't care coz in the end, I'm happy! =D

It's been quiet a while I didn't pop into the bookstore (mainly coz I had some unread books available) but today, I decided to buy A NEW NOVEL. I limited myself to a novel only coz I'm trying to save some money (hehe!) and not to overspend too much on books and novels.

So there I was, roaming thru the racks and rows of books and when I came out 45 minutes later (coz I can't decide which one to buy), this is the result:

Victoria Alexander's The Perfect Wife and Desire of a Perfect Lady
and Dorothy Howell's Shoulder Bags and Shooting

Oh! I love historical romance novels! Never get bored with these stories and I'm starting to collect the Little Black Dress (LBD) novels.

My first LBD would be the Singletini which I started to buy while I was staying in Singapore and eversince then, I collect as many that interest me.

But Dorothy Howell would always be my favourite author from this LBD novels and up till today, I got 3 of them - Handbags and Homicide, Purses and Poison and the latest would be Shoulder Bags and Shooting. Never missed a novel.

What so great about her novels? Shopaholic and crime - it's a bad combination but she makes it so hilarious that I enjoyed reading this series. If you are a shopaholic (like me!), this is a fun read.

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beanizer_05 said...

nice collection..hmmmm.. *thinking hard--what are those?*

good for you, having the powers to read chapters and chapters..
it's the thing i don't have even in my smallest nerve..3 pages make me puke already..tsk tsk! where am i when Allah showered those super-reading powers??..hmmm...

iantie said...

i got hundreds of novels bean. u r welcome to borrow some if you want.. hehe

beanizer_05 said...

i'd like to borrow a iantie-written one..can i? can i?..*puppy eyes*

or..can you just make a summary of it in 2pages??..or..hmmm...storytell me instead??..which do you prefer?? *big eyes*

iantie said...

iantie-written? not published yet!LOL!
2 pages summary - so lazy to do it but i can storytell it to you, f u r willing..hehe