Me and Speeding

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
One of the worst habits of mine - speeding! F m anywhere else in the world, I think I would have a full record of speeding...haha! Luckily, m in Brunei!! M not saying that the law enforcement here in Brunei is bad but let's just say that I always manage to 'escape' them...haha!

My car might be 7 years old already but somehow I feel sooooo comfortable on planting my feet on the pedal and accelerates! If m driving any other cars, my eyes are always on the speedometer and f the needles passes the 120km/hr mark, I always slow down but with my car, fewwwhhh........my eyes on the road and I don't care about the meter no more....the adrenaline rush is there!

I know! I know! Speed kills! And m trying to sustain my urge to speed but when you dream of becoming the next female formula 1 driver (ahakzzz!!!), it's so damned hard!!!


The Lucky 25%

For 2 nights in a row now, most areas in Brunei are engulfed in a total darkness - 75% approximately! That's the heading in one of the local newspaper yesterday. For me, I consider myself as the lucky remaining 25%.

Last Monday night, my eyes were glued to the TV watching the new season of The Amazing Race when my brother messaged me whether we were experiencing any power failure. And I was like, "What power failure?" while my eyes roaming around the living room. My brother told me that everywhere in Gadong and Qlap was covered in total darkness and there I was sitting comfortable on the sofa, watching The Amazing Race, munching on junk food and carbonated drink! Hahaha! Talked about being lucky! We switched on the radio (coz we don't have Brunei TV channel in our place...hahaha...) and there it was, every radio stations talked about the power failure; from Brunei-Muara to Tutong and to KB!! Wow!! That's really bad!

The next day newspaper (yesterday) said that it due to "technical glitch"! Hah! "Technical glitch"??? I don't know what really happened to the Brunei's power station but I think the "technical glitch" was really that bad. From what I heard from everyone, the power was only back on around 1am!! Fewwwhhh! I guess I should be grateful coz while almost everyone out there was in total darkness, I was sleeping comfortably in my bed with my air-conditioning on! Hahaha! I know some of my friends were checking-in into a hotel for the night...cian eh! It must be a high time for all the hotels in Brunei!

Last night, the same thing happened again!! Now, I don't think it's just a normal "technical glitch". My eldest brother and his family came to the house last night (while I was watching Leverage and munching on broad beans) and told me that it's black out again!! Hahaha! But this time, only some areas been affected. Well, at least it's not as bad as the previous night....

To all the Bruneians out there who experienced 2 nights in a row of blackout, be patience (I wish I can be tough as you guys!) but just incase your patience is running out, well, there are always the hotels! I don't mind renting out the 2 extra rooms in my home but then to think about it, nah! better you rent the hotel rooms..haha! Yea, m sooooo stingy!! Haha!


Being Single

Monday, September 28, 2009
That's the topic one radio DJ was discussing this morning on one of the local radio stations. Almost all what she was saying was true. Being a single myself, I have to admit that being single is not easy! There are so many 'challenges' out there for us to stand up to.

For me, I had an on-off relationship with men over these past few years but me, being me, nothing that lasts... hahaha! Anyway, there is a point in my life that I stop looking for 'the one'. I reliazed that with me dating men and kept on breaking their hearts and mine getting broken too, so I said to myself, better stop than being a heartbreaker!

Sure, lots of people (especially during this festive season) kept on asking me the $50K-question (coz that's the rough amount of money you need to get married!). And honestly, I don't feel anything. My ears are deaf to these types of question.

Do I ever feel lonely? No! Do I ever feeling alone? Yes! Now, I think I made some people confused! And there are some single people out there even confused with these two terms - lonely and feeling alone! For me, I never feel lonely coz I got so many things/stuffs/hobbies to occupy me but do I ever feel alone, yes! I can't avoid being alone. True, I had my family and bff who are always there for me but sometimes you just wish that there is someone who is always be there at your side....sad huh?

Oh well, for now, m happy being who I am - single! Sure...it has it disadvantages and lots of people said that I missed a lot in life but then for me, m not missing anything. Being single, I can do whatever I like, travel whereever I want and see/date whoever I desire ;) See, there are lots of good side for being single!

Gerimis Rindu

Title: Gerimis Rindu
Author: Meen Zulaikha
No. of Pages: 494 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn. Bhd

I couldn't remember how many Meen Zulaikha's novels had I read but I like the last 2 - Warna Hati and Kasih Yang Suci. I started reading Gerimis Rindu 3 days before the Eid Mubarak and believe it or not, I finished it on the 2nd day of Eid! Haha! I finished it while I was sitting in the kitchen, after cleaning the 'side-effects' of the open house =D

It's a story of Ailani, lived and brought up by her grandmother. Her mother passed away while she was a small child caused by heartbroken when her husband (Ailani's dad) remarried another. The cause of death was what had been told to Ailani by her grandmother and aunt. Things changed when Ailani caused the death of her grandmother, gave her no option but to stay with her dad, step mother and 3 half-brothers. Due to her rebelious nature, she got a fight with her dad and being kicked out of the house.

Ailani who never had to work ard before to get anything she wanted, started to work as a airport limousine driver. In the line of duty, she 'met' Fatimi. Let's just say that they got off at the wrong foot hence they ended up despising each other.

Things started to get ugly when Dato' Rahim (a widow and Fatimi's dad) offered Ailani a job as his substitute driver, then as his PA. Fatimi sensed something was up with her dad and Ailani (as in ber-scandal)! He accused Ailani is after his dad's wealth. So he sets up a plan to make Ailani to fall in love with him instead! M gonna stop here coz I don't want to spoil the ending...hehe! But hey, to understand a book, especially a good book, u have to read it yourself!

Coincidently before reading Gerimis Rindu, I was rereading Meen Zulaikha's Kasih Yang Suci. I love that novel! And I feel excited when the author re-introduce the 'hero' in Kasih Yang Suci - Seth in Gerimis Rindu! At first, honestly, I was kindda frustrated with the author coz the way she re-introduced Seth in this novel made me suspicious of Seth. The first time the author mentioned Seth in this novel, I was thinking, "What?? Seth is (thinking of) having an affair with Tim (Ailani's friend and housemate)?" And I was dreading to read further about Seth coz I don't want it to be true. If any of you out there had read Kasih Yang Suci, you know how much pain and hurt Seth had to go thru' to convince Elena (the 'heroin' in Kasih Yang Suci) to accept, love and forgive him! With that much love, I don't want to know that Seth is having an affair! Call me hopeless romantic but hey, that's who I am! But m not the type of person to give up on my reading so I read till the end and fewwwhh...what a relief! Hahaha! M not gonna tell THAT ending either!

Read it, embrace it, love it!!! Happy Reading peeps!!

The Effects of Ramadhan

M missing Ramadhan! The working hours are less, the traffic aren't so bad. For the last 2 weeks, I was enjoying my drive from home to work in stress-free situation but today, the traffic jam continues. Students back to school today, so do the parents - back to work that is!

My body system hasn't been back to normal yet, I think! M still skipping lunch coz my tummy somehow couldn't accept lunch. I had my breakfast and somehow that can last me till dinner. And the most obvious side effects of Ramadhan for me, I had to say is somehow, my weight had come down....not back to 'normal' but at least now I can fit into some of my clothes =D

So now, Ramadhan gone, it means that I have to get back into my exercise! But I think I would put that on hold first. M having my long holiday soon and m planning to have a very extensive exercise! But before that, I would become a night owl, m working on the midnight duty soon.....*hmmmmmm*

Trouble Is a Friend

Ever heard of this song by Lenka? The first time I heard this song was from one of the Grey's Anatomy episodes where Izzie asked Alex to burn Danny's cashmere and when Owen Hunt kissed Cristina...hehe! M sooooo addicted to Grey's Anatomy that I remembered the episodes very well.

Anyway, I searched youtube.com soon after that to know who is the singer. First time I know the existance of Lenka and I like this song to the max! A radio DJ played this song this morning on my way to work and it reminds me that it had been a while I didn't hear this song.

Trouble is a friend and suprisingly the statement is sooo true! For me, anyway.....

Enjoy the clip!


Eid Mubarak!

Sunday, September 27, 2009
A week of Eid and I had been a lousy blogger. The festive season I have to say the buziest of all for us muslims! For me, it had been the buziest and the most exhausting ever!

This year, it's our turn to 'host' the family 1st day Raya gathering. The meaning of 'host' here is where you have to provide foods, drinks and the house. But being a family 'makan raya', each family will bring at least a dish to share. My dad's siblings started to arrive around 9am and after the tahlil, we started to eat, drink, gossip, shout and whatever else that accompanied with the movement of the mouth, hand and feet! Haha! Ever read a book Eat, Drink and Get Married? I couldn't remember who's the author but it's a good read. In my opinion, every family, everywhere in the world, somehow there are some similarities you can detect.

Anyway, back to Eid! By the end of the day, me, my parents and brothers were drop dead exhausted and honestly, m not looking forward for tomorrow (the 2nd day of Eid). Why? Coz we were having our open house for the friends and gosh, it's a lot of work and it really required all the amount of strength (physically and mentally) to prepare ourselves for the open house. I know I shouldn't complain coz in a way, open house like bersedekah. You treat your family, friends and whoever to eat for free! So, when the day came, wow....soooooo damned tired. I couldn't even feel my own hips..haha! We started around 11am and I managed to catch the season finale of the Amazing Race (where TK and Rachel won) and while waiting, I stil have time to read my novel. But once people started to come around noon, fewwhhh............I don't want to remember! Haha! It's not that horrible la and if m honest with myself, I kindda enjoy it. I met up with some of my friends that I only managed to see once a year! Funny, right? Brunei is small and everywhere is within the reach but somehow, we can't see each other as often as we want to! Oh well....

3rd and 4th day of Eid, m back to work like most of the people here in Brunei. Friday, me and my bff managed to ber-raya to some of our friends' homes and congralts to Sab and hubby, for ber-rayaing at their new home this year. Nice place! I didn't go out Saturday night (haha! what a life!) coz few of my friends came over to my place and I had to wake up early the next day for another long raya trip!

Sunday, with 3 different cars, we went to Tutong and KB. My dad drove another car with my mum, grandma, one of my nieces, my brother and his gf, while I drove another car with my 2 brothers and my eldest brother drove another car with his wife and 2 daughters and my other brother. We stopped by a Tutong first at Nini Hj Liman's crib. Stayed there for a while to let the elder people to catch up with each other then we went to KB. The traffic was kindda slow around Telisai-Sg. Liang and turned out nothing happened! People just buzybody looking at the stalls selling the local fruits. Ceh! Suspense! We were treated with nice lunch at one of my relatives' home and by 1pm, we headed back to bandar. This time I took my dad's place coz he had a terrible headahe while my other brother drove another car. Starting Lumut all the way to Telisai dual-highway, cars were que-ing from the opposite direction. People going to KB somehow were stuck even more worst with the slow moving traffic! Luckily for us, going back to bandar was a breeze. An uncle called me up asking what happened (he's on the way to KB and he saw us passing), told him nothing happened - just people being plain slow! 2 friends messaged me too asking the same question and another friend told me not to speed. Haha! Me? Ceh! As if this friend doesn't know m dreaming to be a female formula 1 driver...hahaha! Keep on dreaming!

Fashion-wise? This year, I have to admit that m old-fashion. Haha! I stick with my usual fashion mainly because m running out of idea of the fashion that I like and somehow, I got no mood for being fashionable! Haha! Maybe because of my weight. Eventhough m not that fat but somehow m not suitable for the tight, fashionable clothes...haha!

After this, I need at least a few days to clear all the stuffs that had been cluttering around my room. In other words, I need to declutter my room! The status of my room is so messy to the max! Clothes everywhere, shoes everywhere, books everywhere, bags everywhere, tudong everywhere, stationeries everywhere....basically everything is everywhere! The only place that is not messy is my bed coz I can't tolerate a messy bed....that is where I have my beauty sleep.


Special Greeting to My BFF

Friday, September 18, 2009
Okay! This post is specially for my bff:

M8! I would like to wish you,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Halalkan segala yang termakan, terminum, tersentuh *wink*wink*, terteriak, termarah, tersnap, terbad-mood, tersinggung, tersentuh perasaan dan lain-lain yang sewaktu dengannya!

Could you believe it? 11 years we had known each other and as far as I remember, we never missed our raya together! You are like a family to me, a sister, a cousin and a soulmate (friend way). May our friendship as strong as it is now. Love you m8! MUahhhZZzZZZ!

P.s Thanx for reminding me to have a special greeting for you. It's my 3rd year blogging, my 3rd raya blogging and this year, at least I can dedicate this post for you! Cheers m8!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I might be 2 days early but then, m not sure I will have the time to blog for the next few days! So here I am!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri di ucapkan kepada semua yang mengenali saya - my family, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins, my friends, my colleagues, my enemies (if I have some..hehe! which I think I do) wherever you might be in this world. 10 jari di tangan di susun pengganti diri untuk memohon kemaafan. Hidup di dunia, mustahil kita tidak membuat kesalahan...

Kepada semua insan yang pernah termention di dalam dunia blogging ini, maaf di pinta sekiranya mana-mana perkataan ada yang menyinggung hati atau perasaan!

InsyaAllah, jika dipanjangkan umur, kita 'bersua' lagi di entry-entry yang akan datang.
We live and learn from all our mistakes (hopefully!).

3 out of 5 are good enough!

M talking about books here..hehe! Yea, m a book freak! My parents with my 2 brothers went to Miri today and yesterday, while everyone buzy spending their money for the upcoming raya, I was buzy surfing for what books to buy! Haha! Weird, I know! I listed out 5 books but my family managed to get only 3 books for me. And as I said (up there), 3 books out of 5 are good enough for me =D


Be Careful on What U Wish For

It's the last 2 nights of Ramadhan and we muslims believed that Malam Lailatul Qadar is somewhere on the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Only people who are 'lucky' will experience this wonderous, magical night. It's the night where all your wishes will be granted, insyaAllah, by Allah! Personally, in my almost 28 years of life, I don't think I ever experience 'the night'. And yes, if you ask me, I got so many wishes that I wanted so very much to be granted! I mean, who doesn't?

M the type of person who believes that if m good, Allah will grant my wish and f m bad, Allah will punish me in any way He wants. I was flipping thru' the photo albums few nights ago and I came across on our family photo albm during Umrah! In Mekkah, Medinah and Jeddah, we visited so many historic places and few of these places are where all your wishes will be granted by Allah, insyaAllah! I THINK one of my wishes had been granted b Allah. I won't be specific on what my wish was (it's too personal) but let's just say that, I wish for 'something' and so far, I haven't find that 'something'. Now, you might be confused why I mentioned that my wish had been granted? Hehe! The thing is that as long as I haven't find that 'something', somehow I feel that Allah is giving me options. He gave me challenges so that I remember what I want and not end up with 'something' that I don't want! To my bff, if you are reading this (which I know you are! hehe), you know what m talking about right?

Anyway, what m trying to say here is that just think very thoroughly what you really really want before you pray to Allah and ask Him for what you want. Coz, ditakdirkan your prayers granted, there is no turning back. And no, m not regreting on what I prayed for! And I will keep on praying for the same thing over and over again!

Us - Jabbar Rahmah

Behind Masjidil Haram

Behind us - Masjid Nabawi, Medinah

Behind us - Padang Arafah


The Women

It's a re-make of a movie adapted from Clara Boothe Luce. It's a story of 4 best friends living glamarously in New York (kindda remind me of Sex in the City) but this one is so heart touching. The casts?? All those wonderful actresses - Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Jade Pinkett Smith, Debra Messing and Eva Mendes. The first 4 are the best friends and Eva Mendes consider as the culprit.

M not good at writing movie review so I just leave it to you peeps out there to watch it and review it yourself. The amazing thing about this movie is that you will never see a man in sight, not a single man! Well, only at the end of the movie, just a glimpse of Meg Ryan's hubby! But still, no man!

This movie is truly dedicated to all women out there! Fight for the one you love and if you think you cannot fight anymore, let him go. The cliche, if he comes back to you, it's yours for the taking.


Shoes Dilemma!

Friday, September 11, 2009
Today, I went out with my parents and 2 brothers. For me, it's my own personal raya shopping coz m aiming to buy a shoe, few tudongs and (maybe) a purse (depends on my interest) - m very fussy when it comes to small, function-style purse!

Anyhow, I managed to buy 2 tudongs today which cost me hmmm...better left unsaid! So, I need 3 more then m done! Shoe?? Oh God! Do u know how difficult it is to find a shoe with my size?? And a shoe that I really rally like??? It's damned difficult! We went to the Mall and I entered all the shoes shops there and nothing caught my eye!!! When m looking for a shoe, I always look for the one that I like, price...belakang kira coz I want a shoe that I really really like! I loveee shoes! I managed to find 1 (melating) hi heels at Vincci in Qlap but it's not the colour that I want but because I love that hi heels, hentam sajalah, I ended up buying it!

So now, m back to square 1 - hunting for shoe and some tudongs. When will my personal raya shopping would be done??

Craving for.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

.......avacado milk shake!!! *slurrp*

I got my first taste on avacado milk shake when I was staying in Singapore. I was doing my attachment in NUH (National University Hospital). Lunch hour is only an hour and my lunch would be either in the cafeteria or kopitiam until one day, my Singaporean colleagues invited me for lunch at the neighbouring cafeteria - NUS (National University of Singapore). A colleague was craving for the avacado milk shake and she asked me to give it a try!

I did and for the duration I was there (work attachment), I was totally addicted to the avacado milk shake! Not enuf with lunch, I would definitly ordered for a take away!!

It's been a long time I didn't think about avacado milk shake. It just crossed me mind this morning, after sahur. I was about to get back into bed when suddenly my mind was saying, "hmmm...kalau ada avacado milk shake, nyaman nie" hehe!

Ilham Hati

Title : Ilham Hati
Author : Damya Hanna
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd
No. of Page: 492 pages

The 7th novel by Damya Hanna and just 2 words I want to say about her latest novel - nda rugi aka it's totally worth it (okay, that's 4 words in english!) =) But seriously, this novel, it's totally a page-turning read! After nearly a week looking for this novel, last Monday morning, I finally found it. The last 2 left! Considering that I don't have the time to read when I was on duty, so I started reading it yesterday - from 8am till 3pm!!! My break was only when I took my shower and fetch my brother from school. Other than that, all my time was occupied reading Ilham Hati.

A story of Orked Adriana (unique name) who involved in an accident, woke up one day, suffering from amnesia and missing 4 years of her memories. She didn't even know that she had a husband, Hanif! Honestly, my review won't do any justice to the story. But it's really an amazing storyline! In order to fully understand and menghayati the novel, you need to read it yourself!

Damya Hanna has come a long way from Bicara Hati, her first novel. Bicara Hati is the first 10 malay novels that I read and I love it. And eversince then, I never miss buying and reading any of her novels. That's why m proud to say that she has improved a lot! Bravo to her! In Ilham Hati, she re-introduced Zariel and Junita, two characters from her previous novel, Ternyata Cinta. I almost forgot the characters and when Junita character popped into one of the chapters, I flipped thru Ternyata Cinta again, just to make sure I got the 'right characters'...hehe! Wah! The power of novels!

One of the reasons what made me glued to the pages (apart from the storyline) is the car - Nissan Skyline GTR! *droolllllssss* I can just imagine the car everytime I read it!! =D


New Book Part 1

Monday, September 7, 2009
This morning, I went raya shopping with my parents. Nuthing much plng but it made a dent in my purse =( haha! But I managed to buy Ilham Hati by Damya Hanna =D I will try to update later since m at work =( again! So boring!


Sunday, September 6, 2009
With all that's happening around me, I had been a lousy daughter and sister! Anyway, m gonna make it up here!

Congratulations to both my dad and brother, Andy for being promoted in their jobs. Dad got promoted in August (I know, m wayyy too late! But better late than never right?) and brother Andy got promoted last week!!

May both of you be successful in your respective career and the lots of us are still waiting for the BIG *VERY BIG* treats! Haha!

Raya Panic!

Exactly 2 more weeks to go before the Raya! Eventhough m so excited for raya *iski but I don't know why* m also panicing! Well, my baju raya is not ready yet but that's my fault! I sent them to my tailors on the 2nd Rmadhan! Haha! *teruk ah* and other things are that I haven't buy any tudong and shoes for the upcoming raya...haha! And yes, eventhough I got tonnes and tonnes of shoes, still I need a new 1...nyeh nyeh nyeh!

Can't Hardly Wait!

After so many months of watching re-runs, finally! Less than 2 weeks to go, all the new seasons of the TV series would be aired again!!! Yippie!!!

Basically, I couldn't wait for Grey's Anatomy, Bones, CSI: LV and CSI:NY! The last season, all these TV series somehow left so many unanswered questions! Ceh! Durg ani mcm nda tau sja yang aku ani nda penyabar! Haha!

Learn To Fly - The Foo Fighters

Don't you just love the Foo Fighters?? I know I do *sigh*

Iklan Raya 2

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The first thing that catch my eyes is the guy! He's cute!! *dasar perempuan* Haha! And I just found out that the lady who played the mum passed away already and this iklan is her last one =(

Iklan Raya 1

M so excited for the upcoming raya!! Haha! Dunno why! Not that anything great happening...biasa je!

So, for the last few days, I had been downloading raya songs and some TV adverts. This is 1 of the iklans that I like! =D Touched my heart.

Tanya Pada Hati

Friday, September 4, 2009
14 hours - that's all I need to finish this book by Iman Xara. The first book I read by this author and I love it! Everything is in this book - family, friends, friendship, relationship, humor, sad - basically everything!

Farisya and Fitri Hidayat, best friends from the uni. Fitri is a fun person with a lot of sense of humor always expresses his feelings for Farisya but Farisya always though he's joking! Both these people share everything - namanya pun best friends, kan? Things started to change when Fitri started to date a girl, Idayu. Farisya feels that Fitri no longer 'needs' her hence she's looking for her own happy ending. Enters Iskandar who confess his undaying interest and sayang to Farisya.

To make this shorter, Fitri broke up with Idayu, who pretends to be someone she is not just to get Fitri; Farisya got engaged with Iskandar, Fitri confessed his true feelings to Farisya. But it's too late! Until 1 night, Farisya nearly being raped. Iskandar couldn't accept Farisya anymore (eventhough she's not actually being raped). Farisya heartbroken and Fitri once again, express his feeling for his best friend. It's all come to a happy ending plang.

This book really 'hit' something within me. It makes me wonder - can a man and a woman be just best friends without any feeling involved? I had the answer few weeks back and from my personal experience, no, a man and a woman couldn't be best friends without any feelings getting involved! It's complicated. To be just friends, sure, anyone can be friends with everyone but to be best friends, it's almost impossible.

I know novel is just a novel but sometimes, you would be surprise how novel reflects on our daily life. Tanya Pada Hati is not the only novel that shows that man and woman couldn't be best friends without falling for each other. Berikan Cintamu by Rose Harrisa and Kasih Dania by Ayu Emelda (both from Alaf 21) are some of the books that shows 2 best friends (a man and a woman) who got involved with each other feelings. Both books had their own stories. Read it, then you would know.

"Andai tak mampu dimiliki, mampukah untuk dia melepaskan? Andai tak bisa dikasihi, mampukah untuk membenci?" - Tanya Pada Hati by Iman Xara, page 359

What About Now

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A video clip from Daughtry's What About Now. Somehow, this song touches my heart *aaawww*

"if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change"
i got this from someone =D

New Book!

Okay! So I went to the Kiulap bookstore after work, purely bcoz aku nda penyabar! Haha! Dissapointed that Ilham Hati by Damya Hanna totally sold out and the 3 new novels are not in yet here in Brunei. The guy (in the bookshop) suggested me a book:

Title : Tanya Pada Hati
Author : Iman Xara
Publisher : Jemari Seni Publishing
No. of Pages: 479 pages

This is the first time m buying a book from Jemari Seni Publishing and from the author. Never heard of the author before but the guy said, it's a good read. M on my 60+ pages already and so far, so good! Let me finish this book and I will post my review! =D

In Need of a New Book

I still have 4 unread-unfinished books but somehow, m craving for a new book!! I know m weird for craving for a book instead of something 'common' haha! But then I never say that m a common person...nyeh nyeh nyeh! Hehe!

At the moment, m craving for the latest book by Damya Hanna and 3 other new Alaf 21 novels. I visited the site and found out 3 new novels are out and they look deliciously-to-read! Hmmm...to pop by the bookstore this afternoon (the nearest is Kiulap) would be like purposely going into the mass of the traffic jam but to wait till tomorrow, hmmm...mcm nda sabar rasanya! Haha! And yes, m fasting...if anyone of you out there is wondering! =P

New Membership

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
With the encouragement (hehe!) of my bff, me and her finally applied to be a member for the public library! Haha! Because of my love for books, she suggested that instead of me buying books, why I don't just lend them from the library? Hmmmm...it's a good idea considering that sometimes m regreting buying the books that I bought. Haha! But so far, I haven't got the time to go to the public library yet and besides, I still have few unread books...

Back to Work!

After 3-day of MC and 4 days (from Friday till Monday) being 'quarantined' at home, finally today, I started to work again! I rarely take any MC, not rarely, HARDLY more like it so pratically, I have no idea what to do during the period of my MC, well except for rest but then it was so damned bored to rest all the time!!! So, you can say that m looking forward to come back to work today although m not feeling that well yet! I talk abt that later!

I woke up this morning with the promise of a good weather (I know! I said I won't complaint bt the weather and I'm not!) but then it started to rain
and if any of you out there doesn't know this yet - I LOVE RAIN!!! I know, m a weird person but I do, honestly, truthfully love the rain! I sent my brother to PTE Katok and somehow, when it's raining, people - drivers to be more precise, tend to be 'civilized' and behave! haha! They don't rush, they don't cut ques, they switched on their small lights......everything is in order! And I like it when drivers are behaving such a way! At least m not pissed off early morning...haha!

Arrived at the office quarter to 8am =) And my boss asked me whether m okay to work today or do I need some mo
re rest? Bless his soul but some more rest?? No thanx! I had enough rest and it's not that fulfilling if you have the rest and you are sick! Anyho...told him m experiencing some nauseous and dizziness but I would be okay (tough lady ya!). Haha!

As the day progresses, m feeling better coz the nausea and dizziness are the side effects of the Tamiflu m taking and I only know that today! Haha! Eversince I was prescribed with the Tamiflu last Friday night, I was not feeling well. I took the Tamiflu as prescribed and with 3-day MC, staying at home most of the time and had my rest, I don't bother that much about my condition (nausea, dizziness, headache). I thought it just me being sick. But when last night, my condition was not improving, I started to get worried. Mainly
bcoz I don't want another MC and secondly, being sick is just plain SUCKS! And yea, I hate taking medications too! Then it crossed my mind that it might be the side effects of the Tamiflu and I just don't bother to flip thru' the PIL (patient information leaflet). I couldn't help but to think and wonder, is this how pregnant women feel with morning sickness and all (nausea, dizziness, vomitting, headaches)? Haha! Jauh terpesong aku ah but still.......it doesn't hurt to wonder!

Today, one of the doctors found out that I am on Tamiflu. She asked me how m feeling (nice to know that some people really care =D) and turned out, she is taking Tamiflu too and we were sharing the same side effects. Feeewwhhhh!! Well, not great plang having the side effects but at least to know that m not the only 1 suffering from the side effects is kindda a relief! hehe! At least m normal, in a way..haha!

On my way to my car, I met 1 good doctor and he was also asking how m doing and asking whether m fever gone or not? Told him not really and he said that if my fever is not down by tomorrow, he would give me another 2-day MC! What? MC lagi?? Adang2 tah eh! M bored to the max dah with MCs! True, my fever is fluctuating at the moment and m not really that fit to work (my nose now totally blocked, my throat still sore) but to rest again, that I cannot do! Besides, insyaAllah, by tomorrow, I would be fine. My last Tamiflu dosage would be tomorrow morning and tonight, I took some domperidone and panadol to go with the Tamiflu (just as a prophylaxis). My nausea gone but I think the panadol didn't work well to control my dizziness and now, m having diarrhea!!! Urrgghhhh....Anything to get better, you have to suffer first! hahaha!

Oh well, I consider this as God's punishment to me for being bad! Bad? Who? Me? Oh yea, you don't know me that well if you think m a super good lady =P