Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How many of you outthere consider yourself lucky being a Bruneian? I am! Hehehe! Apart from some of the Arab countries, basically you can feel comfortable / safe being a Bruneian. Education - free! (apart from the school fees and so on). Medical - free! (apart from the registration). Fuel - subsidised! (that should be a BIG relief). And there are sooo many things that we take for granted. I (most of the times) took things for granted. Who doesn't? That's because we are living comfortably in our Adobe of Peace!

I used to tell my younger brothers how difficult life was when I was living in Singapore. Didn't own a car, hence had to wake up early in the morning, walk to the nearest MRT station, walked some more and sometimes, had to run chasing the bus! Hahaha! You wouldn't catch me chasing after a bus here in Brunei!!!!

I wanna say something that I know about - medicine! With the increasing of the H1N1 cases in Brunei (I don't know the exact numbers), vaccination was given free until it ran out! Yes, we are running out of the influenza vaccine. Heard that it's coming either September or October, couldn't be really sure. Now, Tamiflu is given to almost all high-risk patient, children and adults who have hi-fever. And it's FREE! Don't you just love being a Bruneian! I love being a Bruneian, grateful even! Don't get me wrong. It's bad enough that if you are given the Tamiflu coz that means you are 50-50 at risk but 1 thing you need to have a positive outlook is that your country is taking care of you. If you are sick, seek the doctor! It might cost you your time (waiting and all) but it cost you nothing (in term of money). Think about it!

Be grateful with what your country is doing for you. Take a lil' of the bad, take a lil' of the good and now, walaaa, you got a lil' of both!

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