Masks, Hand Santitzers and Swine Flu

Monday, July 6, 2009
For a health professional, I still couldn't believe that Brunei had an alarming increase of swine flu cases. As of today, the number had leaped to 120+ cases! 120+?? It might not sound like a big number but for Brunei with the populations of less than 500,000, it quiet...scary! Scary, that's the word I often use to define Swine flu.

Some of the public are now aware of the danger of this flu while some just being ignorance. I thought with free education given to all Bruneians, you thought that we were all clever but we might be proven wrong! I know 1 real case of quarantine family members. There were quarantine for 7 days but before the 7 days were up, they (the whole family) was spotted in the Mall, not wearing any masks!!! To hear this, it's just so plain irresponsible. I mean, okay, you might NOT be infected but you MIGHT be infected. If you are infected, why you want to put other people in the same situation as yours??

I have to salute most of us though. Eventhough they are not sick, they also wear masks just as a precautions. Yesterday I was working. Clinic opens at 2PM and by 2.30PM, 86 patients had registered to see the doctors and by the end of the night, a total of 494 patients had registered. I don't know if you can imagine how buzy and hectic it was but by the end of the shift, I was so drop dead exhausted! As a frontline health professions, we are compulsory to wear the mask. It doesn't protect us 100% from all those air-bourne diseases but to all the patients out there, please do not cough infront of others. I hate when people do that!

Last Saturday afternoon, I was searching for the hand sanitizers for my brothers. Schools are re-open this monday. I was thinking to equip my brothers with masks and hand sanitizers. Not only m a good, lovable sister (hahaha) but I also don't want them to contract anything while at school.

May Allah be with us always. Amin.....

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