Wednesday, July 29, 2009
M not gonna discuss about this topic in general coz truth to be told, m not actually understand myself about metrosexual. Hahaha! Whoever interested to enlighten me, well, feel free....nyeh nyeh nyeh!

Anyway, it's a Thai movie that my bff gave me few days back (or was it last week? - m getting forgetful dah!). She said it's a nice movie and I should watch it. I did! And I kinda like it.

It's a story of 5 (best) friends. One of them getting married and when she (the bride-to-be) introduced her fiance to her friends, they started to question the fiance's identity (straight or gay). From the way he shops and knows all those branded things that women know, they are getting suspicious.

It's a nice story, I have to say. Friendship, trust, honesty all rolls into 1. All the 5 characters all lead different lives and if the writer admits it him/herself, it's an adaption of the real life. You might encounter all these in your own life but to watch it playing in a screen is something like a self-discovery.

I mean, when my bff introduced me her then-boyfriend to me, of coz I asked so many questions. Call me buzybody or anything (I called it emotional intelligence, mind you!) but as a friend (bff especially), we have the rights to ask questions, right m8?! *wink*wink* The reasons I (we) being buzybody with our friend's life is that because we care for them. Can this guy makes her happy? Can this guy holds her when she cries? Can this guy to go all those hardship with her? And I guess this movie explain exactly just that! You would go any roads to find the truth (if he got a skeleton tucked sumwer in the closet)! hehehe!

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