All Time Favourite!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
I am grateful for both my male and female bffs. I am a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery and I have to say I love the Anne of Green Gables novels. To tell the truth, Anne of Green Gables in my first novel that I read when I started take interest in reading and i had been a wondeful read. It kept me going to the bookstore more often and spent my dad's money on books (hehe! I was a kid back then, no money leh!).

Now, you were thinking what my bffs got to do with this considering that I didn't know both of them back then when I started reading LCM's novels! Well, I was trying to look for the Anne of Green Gables videos, DVDs all these years, even when I was in Singapore but couldn't find it. Trust me, it's that hard to find. I was thinking to buy online but then my male bff offered to download it for me from the net. Yippppiiieee! Hehehe! It took him around 2-3 weeks to download the whole 4 DVDs! When he's done, all the clips were separated. 1 clip runs for more or less 30 minutes. Then my female bff saw it and because she is sooooooooo good (hehe) at this computer, program stuffs, she managed to combine all into 1 movie. Now, you know how m grateful to both of them! Thanx all!

So, now I got Anne of Green Gables which runs for 3hr 15 mins, Anne of Green Gables - the Sequel which runs for 3hr 40 mins and Anne of Green Gables - The Continuing Story which runs for 2hr 57 mins! Last weekend, I did all Anne of Green Gables marathon which took me nearly 10 hours! Few years back, I only managed to watch until the sequel. I know that they made another movie of Anne but never got the chance to watch it (the reason trying so hard to find the video). And now, m a very happy bunny (figure of speech) coz Anne finally get married to Gilbert; Gilbert went to the war and all those happy ending stuffs.

Watching these movies made me miss reading the novels so last night I took the liberty to open one of the novels - Anne of the Island! I don't know why but of all the Anne's life, this book I like the most. Maybe because in this book, Anne is no longer a small child but a grown up woman. I missed 2 of Anne's books though - Anne's House of Dream and Rainbow Valley. I surfed the net this morning to download these 2 books but then, my female bff offered to download it for me in pdf form. M8! you know how grateful I am with what you did for me! Love ya! Hehe!

So, now my Anne of Green Gables are complete. I got all the 8 novels (6 hard copy while 2 soft copy) and 3 movies of Anne! It is definitly my all time favourite reading!

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m8 ilikeseven said...

m8, kepisanan tah u ni senyum2 saja kehepian mliat AOGG mu atu. hehehe..anything to make u have wide grins m8 despite all day in da front line melayan patients mu.hehe besides i done amal jariah jua tu downloading u stuff (apart dat currently am not doing anything!) Hey! at least I've learned another new softwares lagi! thanx 2u m8!mwah!

m8 ilikeseven said...

Oh! almost forgot! ....m8, you should also be grateful bcuz uR other male bff atu LOVES u too..! (nah, apa rasanya? i bet some1's blushing *blush-blush*) :P

iantie said...

LOVES? haha! nda lah m8! suka barangkali. LOVES? balum kali...nyeh nyeh nyeh! Ehhh...shhhuu...tis topic jgn d sini! hehehe

m8 ilikeseven said...

Haha! ok2...I shusssshhhhhhhhhhh. will bring it on when we meet up la'er. haha