BFF Day Out

Monday, July 20, 2009
10th July, me and my BFF celebrated our 11th anniversary. It was this date (or around this date) 11 years ago that we get to know each other. Never in my life that I thought I would have a friend that I would see almost every day, text each other every day, chit chat with each other every day. Sure, we have lots and lots of friends in our own circles but how many of those friends that you see almost everyday, you text with almost everyday? Although we like to make it as often as possible but somehow, we just couldn't.

Anyway, just to make this entry clearer, it me and my female BFF day out, not me and my male BFF day. I woke up early (for once in a Friday morning) and my BFF fetched me around 8.30am. We had our breakfast at Big Papa's in Qlap and with by the time we were done, we were ready for our 10 o'clock appointment. Well, me and my bestie were supposed to do foot scrub and massage but considering that m wayyyyy too ticklish with me feet (or any part of my bady, that is), I changed me treatment. Instead I did manicure and pedicure while my bestie sat next to me, enduring all the ticklish-thingy while her foot being scrubed and massaged. But, in the end of my pedicure, I had no idea how, I ended up doing foot massage. The lady must have a good sale talk with me that I ended up ending all the ticklish-thingy she did to my foot. It felt nice though except for the ticklish part.

By 11.45am, we arrived at Sheraton Utama hotel. Nope! We were not booking any room with a couple of gigolo waiting...hahaha *don't you just wish?*wink*wink* My BFF already booked a pool side table for lunch at Tasek Brasserie. The foods....hmmm...not need for me to tell coz I would end up starving. It was delicious. Unfortunately, my BFF was not feeling that well hence she ate less! I know! It's unbelievable! I mean, she is the type of person who can eat everything at anytime but not today....weshhh...rugi eh! But nevermind, we will go again there soon, ah m8? Hehehe! After lunch, we went to Yayasan, then catch Ice Age 3 at Qlap Cineplex and went for a lil' shopping for tudong and books.

I came home around 6.30pm. Haha! Almost 12 hours out of the house...fewwwhhh! My mate gave me this pendrive wit a video in it. The video is the second 1 she made for me. The first one was for my birthday last year and I have to say, she's good at this computer-hi-tech-video-thingy. I was thinking of posting it here (the video) but when I think again about it, well, the video is kindda too personal and call me stingy or anything you like, I don't feel like sharing it with anyone..hahaha..but I would share something she said/wrote.

"Eventhough we are opposite of one another
One is tall, one is short,
One is skinny, one is chubby,
One loves to read, one loves to write,
One is smart, one is blur,
One is systematic, one is clumsy,
One is dieting, one is eating,
We have something in common...
Our love for each other"

It's true you know. No matter how different you are from each other, 1 thing that keeps the friendship going (and kicking) is our love in our friendship, our love for each other! Best friends are not that 1 who will always agree to what you are saying or to what you are doing. But bear in mind, eventhough they don't agree with you in so many things, they will be there for you, for whatever it is you are doing...to support you, for you to lean on.

Although this may come late, but Happy 11th Anniversary m8! You know I love you

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