Getting Fit and Dark Again!

Monday, July 6, 2009
With the increasing workload, social activities and so on, I neglected my used to be routine exercise - hiking. So last Saturday, I started again. Thinking about it, I was quiet unenthusiastic considering that I got lots of work pending but due to the constant push and support from my male BFF, so I went again. Last Saturday, we went to Tasek and last Sunday, we went to Shahbandar. 2 days in a row of hiking, that's enough to get me back having muscles cramp and a bit of 'tan' haha!

I had been meaning to do hiking as a daily routine, as it used to be but somehow it's just couldn't be. 1st, there is the weather. It had been raining lately here in Brunei. 2nd, afterwork meetings still going on. I couldn't escape it hence no hiking. 3rd, after long day at work, I'm just too tired to exercise!

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