Siblings Day Out

Monday, July 6, 2009
Two weekends ago, it was me and my brothers day out. Mom and dad wanted to stay in and rest hence the 4 of us (minus bro Adi) went out to watch Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen. We were supposed to catch the 10am show at Qlap Cineplex but when we got there around 9.45am, the show was fully paid for (unless we want to sit at the few last bottom rows). Could you believe it? 9.45am? And the cineplex lobby was quiet full. Hence, we took the 11.30am show and we managed to grab the top seats...yay!

To kill the time, I had my breakfast at Express. I don't know. M always craving for the RBC Express lately..hmmm...Anyway, the 11.30am show was packed too and the movie? Hmm...nda payah cakap. I guess everyone likes it. I did too. Nothing beats autobots fighting with each other. My favourite part would be when they dropped the guy in the suit from the plane. It was so hilarious! And man! I love Petra! I always dream of going there.

After movie, we went to eat belated lunch at Taurean Too Kopitiam in Batu Bersurat. Lunch done, we went to DVD surfing..hehe! Came home by 3PM and then I need to get ready for hiking. That's what I called exhausted weekend! No work done, which what it should be =) It's a weekend afterall..

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