Just because I'm a woman, doesn't mean I'm weak

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Okay! I admit that sometimes we, women cry for no apparent reason but that couldn't prove that we are weak, right? Men cry too, you know. Well, I know some men who are not ashamed to admit that they do cry. I mea, who doesn't? Men might go all macho on you but there are some soft spots in them (if you know how to trigger them) that would eventually make them cry.

I'm just writitng this for fun and from what I had observed around me. Some other days, I would be working along with 3 men and no woman, except for me, of coz. For someone who know me, when I'm working, I can be very independent and I proud to say that I can work equally with what men can do. But most of them times, the men I work with are too gentlemanly especially my boss and my male colleague. Whenever they see me carry a big box (which sometimes weight nothing), they would come rush to me, offering their help. I know! I should be grateful for their thoughtfulness but truth to be told, most of the time, it's annoying. You see me like this, doesn't mean m a clingy, spoilt lady.

Another case would be with my male bff. Everytime we went for a hike, he would keep on asking me, "are you okay?". At first, it's sweet for him to ask. But if every 5 minutes he kept on asking, well.........hmm, malas kan cakap =P

Quite some times ago, a guy once asked me, bluntly in my face, whether m a tomboy. I took no offence in that coz honestly, I used to be! Surprise! Surprise! I acted tomboy when I was lil' girl till around I was 13 years old (I think?). Growing up with 5 brothers, I have to say, I'm kindda tough in my own way. I asked the guy what made him to ask me that question. He told me that, presently, he sees a lady but my behaviours told him otherwise. So, I told him the truth. And the truth? Haha! I think I had outgrown my tomboyish act and if you ask me now about clothes, bags, shoes and all those ladies' things, I think I will pass...hehe!

Ok! Enuf of nonsense. In my opinion, women can be as tough as men and men can be as weak as women. Do you get what I meant? We, women like to act weak to lure the male species and men, in turn, would act tough (manly, macho - whatever you wanna call it) to lure women. So, it's a fair game, right?

"I'm a man, hear me roar!"

I heard these words before, I think from one of the movies or TV series but I couldn't remember which one. I kindda like it..hehe

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