Firework at Empire

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
There was a firework held in Empire last Saturday night in celebration for HM's 63th birthday. Initially m not interested to go coz well, fireworks are just fireworks afterall...nothing special about it. But my elder brother called me earlier that evening, asking whether m going coz my 2 nieces badly want to go and both my brother and sis-in-law were too tired to go. So, told him, m not going.

Around 9pm, my brother after me, Andy said that kesian jua to my nieces and I told him, I don't mind going and accompanying them f he's willing to drive. I don't fancy driving in a crowded place. So, me with me 3 brothers went to fetch my nieces in Beribi and we headed to Tungku beach and fewwwwhhhh! What a crowd! We were using the Tungku highway and the que already started around the DST building! Luckily, as I said, m not the 1 driving hence I just relax and nagged when my brother cut the que...hahaha! But then, who cares? It was even a worst situation around Empire hotel; cars parked on the roadside; basically it was hectic.

We missed 3 minutes of the firework coz we were stuck at the entrance of Tungku beach and once we managed to find a spot, it was far but we managed to see the fireworks. As I said, nothing unusual. It was splendid, no offence but it's just fireworks. Nevertheless, m happy both my nieces, Trisya and Atul, 6 yrs old and 5 yrs old respectively, love it! It's a nice, warm feeling to make kids happy. I know they don't demand much to make them happy (they are happy most of the time by playing by themselves) but to know that you are causing their happiness....that's what I'm satisfied for!

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