Don't waste the good weather

Friday, July 31, 2009
Definition of good weather here is where the sun is shining bla bla bla aka not raining. With unpredictable weather here in Brunei, I had been missing a lot of exercise. Well, I couldn't blame on the weather 100% though coz 80% is because m just plain lazy! But now m getting 'bigger' (tummy-wise) and I need to cut down on my tummy fats for certain occasions (which planned to be next year!).

Yesterday afternoon, the weather is a bit cloudy, no sign of the sun and afterwork, I forced myself to join my male bff and a friend to hike at Tasek. Almost 2 weeks not hiking, m slow! Slow sehabis-habisnya! Urrrghhh! Boreng eh! But I got sporting hike partners. They waited for me..hehe!

This morning, I went for a jog and a brisk-walking around JP. M not an early bird (unlike my bff - she woke up so early, I don't know how!). So, for me waking up early during public holiday is a very rare rare occasion. I only wake up early if I got something to do! Went with my 2 brothers and my mum coz dad is going to Miri with his colleagues.

I don't know whether m up tis afternoon. My hiking partners bring me to Shahbandar, Bkt 17! Done with bkt 17 once and m looking forward to do it again but hmmm....we'll c whether m fit tis afternoon....

3 knock knock:

m8 ilikeseven said...

Hmm? what is planned to be next year again? :p (awu eh, u have to be BY MY SIDE on every occasions tu krg, except honeymoon laa, haha).
Keep up d good work exercising m8, at least u got aims. I mean, I do too have aims but dunno laa m8.hehe
Getting up early in the morn, why? Try "I always pee in d morn, nda tetahan2 so have to get up somehow" :D

iantie said...

m8! u and i both know what's happening next year aka less than 5 mnths away *boh* hahaha!

m8 ilikeseven said...

Haha! alamak, u got me back! *dush,dush* kabak2 ku plang ni dah...ok2, i let u prep yourself jua looking fit & sexy for next year while I'm trying as well starting tomorrow laa or next weeknya or next monthnya or ...hmmm never. haha