Lousy Weekend

Monday, March 31, 2008
How's my weekend? Not good! Saturday morning, I caught a cold and its getting worst by the hours. Late afternoon I was snezzing non-stop and got not-so-high fever. Came home and ate my dinner and I went to bed around 7.30PM! Yup! 7.30PM and it's Saturday night but what do I care? I am sick and I don't care about my Saturday night anymore. Besides I am 'onleave' from performing the special duties, so I can sleep peacefully with the air-conditioning and the fan on! It's was so hot, can't blame me for being sick! My nieces came to sleep over for the weekend, as Trisya and Atul said 'before the school reopens....'. Luckily, they knew I'm sick so they stay out of my way and didn't bother me....Bless them...

Sunday morning, they woke me up just to kiss me good morning and kiss me goodbye as my parents - their grandparents - gonna bring them shopping and then send them home. With my fever, I didn't tag along. After having my bath (I'm a stubborn patient!), I took a breakfast and sat infront of the telly! Nothing interesting on the telly for Sunday morning, so I decided to do a movie marathon. I switched on the DVD player and I started with an Indonesian movie - BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa); it's a nice movie and of course, it's the typical Indonesian teenage love movie but it's quiet entertaining for a sick person like me who got nothing to do! In the middle of BBB, my parents and brothers came home and my brothers joined me and watched the movie together! After done with BBB, we were arguing what movie to watch next; either Meet the Spartans (which we watched already the previous night!) or another Indonesian love movie, Ayat - Ayat Cinta (which my brothers said, '...boring tapi bini-bininya lawa....' hmmm..typical males). So I asked them whether they had watched the Ayat - Ayat Cinta completely or not and when they said no, I suggest we watch the movie till the end and well, they can't argue with a sick sister (which is useless, btw).

So, with my favourite pillow and a box of tissue (to wipe my running nose), we watched the movie. True! At first it's kindda boring but as we stay put and watched the movie, trust me man! you will definitly need a lot of tissues. Along the way, my box of tissue not only serve to wipe my running nose, it serves to wipe my tears and my bro's! Yup! It's a heart-wrenching movie! It lives up to its name - Ayat - Ayat Cinta - 'the words of love'. It's all about religions, loves, sacrifices and more loves! I love this movie. No wonder it received so many good reviews from the Indonesian celebrities.

We finished watching the movie around 3.30PM and my dad was ready to mow the lawn. My youngest brother asked me whether I had eaten the ice-cream that I bought last Friday in Giant. I looked and him and said, "Kan bercali?! Damam kali ah..." and he said that I better eat it by today or I won't manage to eat any at all. I dunno about my tastebud but honestly, I was craving for that triple chocolate ice-cream so as I said before, I'm the stubborn patient, I scooped the ice-cream and ate it! Don't care whatever happen tomorow as long as I can enjoy my ice-cream!

Now?!! Hahaha! Don't ask! I'm really suffering from my painful throat and I think I'm Strepsil overdose already! I took the Strepsil whenever I feel like it and my throat numb by it, which is good but the Strepsil only numbs it for 2 hours then the pain started again!

I was thinking of taking an MC today but being a considerate person, I know that there is no one to relieve me today, so me, being the tough lady (and some call bionic woman..hahaha) just work. Besides, I got tonnes and tonnes of work to do before Wednesday. What's happening this Wednesday?? Hmmm....just wait and see! Wonder what my colleagues' reaction if I take an MC on Wednesday? They must really freaked out! Hahaha! Just thinking about it is so funny!

Anyway, I spent the rest of last night finishing the latest novel by Aneesa Aleeya 'Untukmu Segalanya'. I think I got dark circles beneath my eyes due to 1. from the movie Ayat-ayat Cinta and 2. from the novel 'Untukmu Segalanya'..hmmm!

Btw, I got a new book shelf that I bought from Giant last Friday. And now I'm a happy bunny where my books are concerned but speaking of bunny, we (me and my family) just lost 5 bunnies last Saturday. One of my rabbits gave birth last Tuesday and somehow the mother doesn't want to nurse the bunnies, so we self-nurse the bunnies and they only manage to survive for 5 days *sob*sob*

Told you it's a lousy weekend!

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