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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Good morning! Here I am sitting in a lonely Telisai. This place should come under the Lonely Planet. It's so quiet here hence the time that I have to blog...hehe! Ahhh...it's the pleasure that I always have every Tuesday.

Anyway, this morning I was initially pissed! From the moment I took off from my simpang, I was following this black Prado and infront of that Prado is a white Toyota Vios. And that Vios is sooooo damned slow. I mean, I'm not in a rush or anything but if possible, I want to avoid the hectic traffic in Jerudong.

So, kan masuk simpang Jerudong, this Vios took the right lane and me, thinking that he would finally loosen his feets and pressed the pedal, followed him while the Prado on the left lane. 2 lanes become 1, the Vios still infront of me, making the Prado behind me.

And can you imagine how slow this Vios driver is driving. I don't know what's his problem but he is too damned slow. Okay! That's twice I mentioned the 'unpleasent' word but then who cares? Then as we moved further into the Jerudong area, the lanes become 2 again and this Vios, so perasaan that his car is fast, still take the right lane. I was thinking of overtaking him but considering that on the left lane is a blue Hyundai Atoz and also slow, so I decided to be patience and tail really really close behind the Vios, hoping that he will get the hint and moved his damned ass!

But no! he didn't. So you know what? The Prado behind me, moved to the left lane and overtook the Vios realy really close. I mean, that Prado nearly created an accident with the Vios!!! Aku yang melihat di belakang ani pun, eeeeee.......

Once the Prado cut infront of the Vios, somehow this Vios driver wokeup and stepped on the pedals. I dunno bt I think he's mad or just feel challenged! But you know what? SERVES HIM RIGHT!!!! I applaud the Prado's moves...hahaha! And the 3 of us just zoomed along the Jerudong highway - Prado - Vios - Mondeo! Hahaha! But I had to step on the brake when the traffic light turns red where the Prado and Vios just run over it! I think better safe than sorry besides as I said before, I'm not in a rush or anything....

BT8844 - Next time PLEASE move your white ass if you want to take a leisure drive!!!!

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