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Monday, March 17, 2008
...........Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah aka Atul. She's my 2nd niece and she is the type of child that can make you go crazy (seriously!) and garam hati! Hehe! 'Coz she's chubby for her age, eyes sepet like chinese and when you tumbuk-tumbuk her, she felt nothing!!!

Few nights back, she and her family came to the house and she was sitting on one of those Ikea chair and eating kuaci. At one time, she placed one of her legs up onto the chair and guess what she did?! She farted! Yup! Kentut!! And it's so loud some more and she just laughed when she's done!Man! Okaylah, for a child it's forgiven but being their aunt, (ehem! I'm still young eh!), I want to train them to be a proper lady, so I scolded her.

Me: Atul!!

Atul: (Still giggling)

Me: Eh! Atul ani nda tau malu eh. Bini-bini mana kentut macam atu. Atul ani laki-laki kah bini-bini?

Atul: (Continues eating her kuaci and said dengan selambanya) Laki-laki....


Hmmm....part of me can't wait for my 3 nieces to grow up so that we can hang out together (me, being the sporting and hip aunt..hehe!) but part of me is dreading when the time comes! They are so innocent nowdays and I can forgive almost all their faults and cheekiness and I do hope when they finally grow up, all of them would be proper ladies....

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