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Tuesday, April 1, 2008
I think it's the trend nowdays that you will see almost all the cars in Brunei have some sort of stickers or signs stuck to their windows or somewhere. Of course, aku mengata orang, I'm also the same. Mana mau ketinggalan with the 'modern trend' Hahaha! What's my signs said? Biarlah rahsia.....for those people who knows me, I think you have the idea what car signs I have.

Anyhow, car signs or stickers can be entertaining and dangerous at the same time. I'm not just bluffing or just to kill the time but I'm talking from experience. Me, myself and I being 'emotionally intelligence' almost all the time sometimes couldn't help but to read all the car signs that I came across with and 1 time, I couldn't read what the car signs infront of me, so I moved my car a bit further to the front...it's near to the rear of the other car but Alhamdulilah, nothing happened. See!!! That's how dangerous a car sign can be..hehe! Okay! I admit, it's my fault too but as I said, nothing happened!

This morning, I came across with 2 car signs that somehow doesn't make sense to me.

1. "Sadang-sadang tah jua kan berlaju saja ani" - An Innova has this sign and guess what? This Innova is right infront of me and he's speeding!! Hah! Talked about 'jgn tah kan berlaju'

2. "Alai sayang abangkan?" - This is a funny one. The first time I read it, I was like "Eh! Apakan?" Macam nda kena mengena saja. But then I was thinking, ahh, maybe the driver is asking the car. You know how men always treat their car as 'she' while we the ladies always treat the car as 'he'. So, untuk menyenangkan hatiku, I assume that the driver asking the car la...Btw, it's a Mitsubishi Grandis.

I was thinking when did I started to have this car signs and believe it or not, I started it when I came back from Singapore - that was in 2004! In Plaza Singapura (my destination every weekend), there is this shop that sells all this car signs. I remembered that time, I said to myself, it would be cool to stick this signs to my car and eversince then, I always have car signs on my car. Of course, I kindda chnage it every year coz I just feel like it....Hahaha!

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