Gossip Oh Gossip!

Monday, March 17, 2008
As kaum Hawa, I have to admit that I like to gossip, it doesn't matter with who or about what but that's just the truth about us, being the ladies! Don't get me wrong, NOT all ladies gossips but then NOT all men don't gossip either!

So what happened if the gossip is about you? Or rather in this case, is about ME! Geezzz! I thought all this while I'm living a low-profile life but I guess this week, it turned out to be I'm not! Somehow, in the offices (yes, offices!) the gossip somewhat is concentrating on me. From the mouth of a collegeague, who happened to be an aunt of the guy my mum likes, now everyone is gossiping about my 'so-called relationship' with him which I don't know anything about!! Yesterday, a male colleague asked me about the truth in the gossip (he is a great male colleague) and I said, "What? How in the earth you know about it?" and he just replied, "The aunt told last Sunday (in a symposium) to basically everyone" WHAT???!!! I don't even remembered being proposed to be someone's girlfriend!

So today, I confronted the guy, asking him what he had been telling everyone (his family, friends bla bla bla) and he said that he just told that we are friends but "ganya u taulah mulut org ani payahkan ditutup" - his exact words! Apa yang payah di tutup?? Come on laaa, I'm sure if you don't tell anything else, everyone will not gossip about 'friendship'....

Never EVER in my entire life, I will be the one people wil gossip about and as my bestie said it, "Wah! I didn't know you are that 'famous'" Yea, right! Famous my @$$!! I'm so pissed off with him that I didn't want to talk to him and he somehow get it and bugged off!!! I questioned myself, "Am I being selfish?" and the answer is no! If you are talking about selfish here, I think he is the selfish one! I mean, he KNOWS that I couldn't accept him more than friends and still he keeps on trying! He is selfish for not thinking about my feelings! He only thinks about his feelings!

Give him the chance? That's everyone kept on telling me but why can't anyone understand MY feeling???!!

Love someone who loves you more than you loves him 'coz the person who loves you would never hurt you.........

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