Giant Craze!

Monday, March 31, 2008
The Giant supermarket is officially opened last Saturday and I warn you, for the people who doesn't like to be stuck in traffic jam, touched body to body with other people, PLEASE don't go there. At least, not for this 1 week! or rather this 1 year! Haha! But honestly, it's a mad mad world out there in Giant! Everyone and anyone wanted to know what's the fusses all about that they endured all those traffic jams, ques and all sort....

For me, I went there twice since it opened last 22nd March. The 1st time was the 2nd day it opened. The ques...fuhhh...better left unsaid and you can't shop in peace! Although it was hectic that day, my eyes managed to caught a bookshelf. It's a DIY book shelf and it costs $65.99 and I told my dad I wanted to buy that bookshelf (coz my books basically overflowing!). Dad told me, better don't buy now coz as I said before, it's a mad mad world in Giant at that time. So, I ended up not buying that bookshelf.

Last Friday, we went again there, around 11AM and suprisingly, it's not that hectic! Of course, the vast parking lot is full but it's not as hectic as it was last Sunday. First thing I look for was the bookshelf and in 1 week, the price came down from $65.99 to $49.99! I don't hesistate this time and pulled a trolley and take one of the remaining four!! Alas......I have a new bookshelf from Giant!!!!

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