My Weekend

Monday, March 17, 2008
Friday - 14th March

I woke up this morning around 9AM and my bestie messaged me saying that she would pick me up around 11AM. Ahhh...2 more hours to go and still I have plenty of time. Although I'm a lady, I don't need 1 hour to get read and dress. So I took my own sweet time re-reading a novel while waiting for my water heater to warm up. Around 10AM, I took my shower and finished around 10.30AM when my bestie messaged me saying that she's on the way already! What?! Gezzz! It only take 10-15 minutes from her place to mine so I think you can imagine how FAST I get ready and dress! When she arrived, I still not dressed completely so she paid a visit to my rabbits - hers too!

We took off from my place around 11AM and headed straight to Kiulap. We planned to watch movie. We arrived at Kiulap Mall around 11.45AM (with her driving, I wouldn't be suprise..hehe aka she drives slowwwww), the next show would be around 12PM. We were thinking what movie to watch which in last we chose The Spiderwick Chronicle, 1.45PM show. Considering that it's Friday and Juma'at prayer wwould be performed soon, so we the ladies decided to go to D'Fountain Cafe in Kiulap to fill in our starving tummies (I hadn't had any breakfast) so we stayed there until 1.30PM.

The movie finished around 3.30PM and considering that I suffered from food overload, we decided to call it a day. Besides we see each other everyday nowdays...

Saturday - 15th March

By mid-morning I suffered from light headache. Reason - better left unsaid! Lets just said that it's because of my 'partner' that morning! But by lunchtime, with nasi lemak and value meal from Express, I'm a happy bunny! Hehe!

I agreed to meet some colleagues for an unofficial afterwork meeting, so today, I went off from office exactly on the dot - well, 5 minutes after the official office hour. Driving from Bandar to Sengkurong took me less than 20 minutes this time. I dunno why? Maybe the traffic wasn't that bad for Saturday or maybe I'm too early that traffic is still okay okay...

Anyway, I stopped by at the previous 'office' and lepak sana far a bit before we headed to the unofficial meeting site. And when 3 people who talk sooo much and with the foods, we stayed there for an hour and a half. I came home only after 7PM.

Once I arived home, my brothers bugged me, with their pathetic faces, saying that they are bored staying in at home for Saturday night. Si I decided to bring them out and watch a movie. Our plan it to catch Duyung 8.45PM show at Kiulap Mall. We arrived there around 8.05PM and I couldn't find any parking!!!!! I asked my bros to go and purchase the tickets.

After 'tawaf' 4 times, Faiz called saying that all the 'good' seats are taken and the only seats available are the front ones. Yeah! Well, I don't fancy having a stiff neck tomoorow so I just ask him to purchase the 10.30PM show.

What we did to kill the time? Get ourselves stuck in the traffic with all the party goers people around the Mall in Gadong! Hahaha! By 9.30PM, with the traffic and all, we got hungry and I got tired, so we decided to stop by Express and eat! What else?! Haha! And today in history, I ate 2 value meals from the same Express outlet...what a loyal costumer I am...hehe!

By 10.15PM, we arrived in Kiulap Mall and gezzz! still no empty parking spaces! What's happening? After 3 times 'tawaf', I spotted a parking a bit far from the complex but what the heck? Exercise sja, turunkan all the food that I had consumed!

The movie is quiet okay, I guess. But I'm still waiting patiently for Congkak! Uhuhuh! I remembered watching Jangan Pandang Belakang with Daneil in the Mall Gadong and I think we sat few rows from the front and man, the movie really scares me. Baik jua nda terpelauk c-Daneil...hehe!
So, 17 April, that's my date with Kiulap Mall Cineplex!

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