Wednesday, March 12, 2008
I finished reading Rose Harrisa's Cinta Mekar di Hati but I'm kindda sleepy now so I don't think I can manage to write the synopsis tonight. I finished reading it last night but somehow I had been staring at my laptop since 7PM and now it's almost quarter past 9. Alhamdulilah, my mum didn't say anything about her 'favourite potential son-in-law'. It's a relief. I don't think I can handle another heart-to-heart session with my mum...well, not anytime soon.

My dad most probably going to KL soon, pobably end of this month or early next month. He will be the officer in-charge to accompany a prisoner to do an operation there. Man! Wish I can get leave and go with my dad! I need some serious shopping to be done!! AHAKZ!!! Women...shopping!shopping!shopping! sja taunya....

Back to the topic, InsyaAllah I will try to post the synopsis of Cinta Mekar di Hati and some others when I have the strength....hehe

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