Novel Review: Hadirmu Takdirku

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hadirmu Takdirku
by Alina Haizar
480 pages
Kaki Novel Enterprise

My first novel by Alina Haizar,
Aku Yang Kau Tinggalkan
gave a very good impression on me so when I saw Hadirmu Takdirku by the same novelist, I didn't hestitate to take it from the shelves and bought it. Turned out, Hadirmu Takdirmu is Alina Haizar's first novel.. tsk tsk tsk... how could I have missed it?

Wan Jeffery, a rich spoilt boy only used Hana, a "canteen" girl to win a bet. The prize? Reunion with his ex-girldfriend, Lily. Hana, who was naive thought she could have a chance with Jeffery, thinking that deep down Jeffery also loved her like she loved him. Jeff always got what he wants and he made it very clear that wanted Hana or more like Hana's body. When he got what he wants, he was thinking of just leaving Hana like that.

Hana was scared, afraid that she might get pregnant. Jeff going to the US even scared her more - thinking that Jeff would just run away from his responsibilities. She begged Jeff to bring her to the US. Jeff in turn placed his trust on his uncle, Pak Su Adli to look after Hana, just incase she's pregnant. When Hana found out that she's pregnant, she contacted Pak Su Adli, hoping that he would help her when infact, he and Jeff's mum, Datin Maimunah trying to get rid of her and her baby.

Hana was sent to live with Jeff's grandma and so many lies were created by Pak Su Adli and Datin Maimunah to both Hana and Jeff. In the end, both Hana and Jeff thought one of them betrayed another. When Hana fell, she was told her baby didn't survive when infact her baby was given away by Pak Su Adli.

After 7 years, Jeff came back as a changed man. No longer the selfish, playboy guy 7 years ago. Experiences made hhim mature. When he accidently rescued a girl from a horrible accident, he got the shock of his life when the girl, Fiqah called him "Papa". From that, all the lies that were fed to him 7 years ago came back. Pak Su Adli had no choice but to tell the truth. Jeff was furious. He had to find and marry Hana so that he legally could be Fiqah's dad.

Finding Hana was like tracing a ghost. Unknown to the rest of the world, Hana changed her name to Nurul Ain, a famous TV presenter. When Jeff found out who Nurul Ain really is, he tried to provoke Hana into telling him what had happened 7 years ago. He didn't tell her about Fiqah just yet, hoping that Hana would fall in love with him for who he was not because she had to for Fiqah's sake.

When Hana finally fell in love with Jeff, she was furious and hurt (once again) when she found out accidently about Fiqah...

What happened next? Haha.. this time, I let you guys read the novel. Trust me, as much as I like Aku Yang Kau Tinggalkan, I also like this one. Thinking about it, both novels have their similarities. But what make this novel differ from others is that in other novels, the child was always with the mum but in here, both parents didn't know the existance of their child and the father found out the child first and together they looked for their wife and mum..

Took me a day and a half to finish reading this novel. Love it!

My rating: 8/10

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Anonymous said...

hi. where did you get the book? I'm looking for the same book. like aku yang kau tinggalkan a lot. thanks.

iantie said...

I bought it from Popular in Miri. But if you are in Brunei, you can try Choice Book either in Giant Rimba, Lambak (Milimewah area) or Hua Ho Manggis Mall. Currentlt those are the places I know.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for dropping by ;)Have a great week ahead..