Novel Review: Maafkan Abang

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maafkan Abang
by Eyla Hime
562 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

Like Syurga Di Wajahmu, I read this Maafkan Abang novel online at penulisan2u.my before it was published. But online the title was Maafkan Abang, Tikah. Apart from a word omitted from the title, I was glad the storline is still the same.

Atikah and Hazimi used to be college mate, study buddies and friends back in the days. It all changed when Tikah fell for Hazimi. Hazimi who was with Marissa at that time didn't utter a word about her feelngs to Hazimi to anyone.

Years passed, Atikah landed a job at Hazimi's dad's company and these 2 friends were reunited again. 2 things never change all those years they were apart; Atikah still has feelings for Hazimi and Hazimi still with Marissa.

They held a reunion with their college buddies and there, Hazimi announced that he's getting married with Marissa, of course. 2 hearts were hurt - Atikah's and Yazman; who had loved Marissa since their high school. Yazman, who accidently found out that Atikah loved Hazimi tried to persuad her into his scheme - to break those 2 apart from their marriage. Atikah refused. For her, Hazimi's happiness is her happiness. But Yazman wouldn't have no as the answer. He threatened Atikah by hiring people to beat Hazimi up and landed him in the hospital's bed. Yazman gave Atikah 2 choice: trapped Hazimi into marrying her or she would see Hazimi's and his parents' bodies.

To save the man she loved, Atikah trapped Hazimi into marrying her. They were caught as 'berkhalwat'. Hazimi hated Atikah for it but his father, who was a man of honour, asked Hazimi to marry her. The moment Atikah became Hazimi's wife, her life was a living hell. She was mocked, beaten, abused... you named it, she had it. There was even times I had to stop myself from reading as I couldn't endure the 'pain'.

Atikah, knowing that she's the one to blame for Hazimi's abrupt change in behaviour tried to stand all that was thrown at her until one day, Hazimi's words sliced through her being and she had enough. She tried to confront Yazman to end all these but what did she got? She was raped by Yazman.

Sudah jatuh di timpa tangga.. ever heard those phrase? That's what happened to Atikah. She was tested so many times in so many ways that it makes me wonder, if there is such woman ever exists?

What happened to Tikah? When Hazimi finally found out the truth, was is too late? And would Atikah ever forgive him for what he had done? I mean, how could you forgive a person who treated you like an insect?

To truly 'experience' the novel, you have to read it yourself. I managed to finish this novel in a day and a half (coz I had to force myself to stop) and by the time I finished reading it, "you have fluffy eyes and eye bags" as what my boyfriend said LOL!

My rating: 8/10

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