Novel Review: Perlu Kamu

Thursday, April 19, 2012
Perlu Kamu
by Nia Qurratun'Aini
420 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

Ever had your dream comes true? Hah! that's sounds very easy.
Ok... let me rephrase that. Ever thought the girl/boy in your dreams comes alive?

Well, that's what happened in this novel. Iqram Iskandar had the same dream over and over again. He dreamt of a same woman over and over again. He remembered every inch of the woman's face that he asked an artist to paint 'her' for him. 

Ilham Nur Insyirah called Iqram 'Mr Weird' the first time she met him. Why? Because Iqram had found the woman he dreamt of and he asked Insyirah to smile the first time he bumped into her. 

One fateful day, Insyirah's boyfriend, Zafirul passed away and Iqram, who was her officemate offered to send her to Zafirul's home. Unfortunately, on their way home, Iqram's car broke down forcing them to stay in the car together while waiting for the rain to subside. Luck was not on their sides as they were caught by the religious officers for 'khalawat'

Then, I guess we all know what happened to the couples. Iqram willing to take the responsibilities but that cause Insyirah's hatred to him. She accused Iqram of taking advantages on her vulnerability. Iqram tried to make Insyirah fell in love, told her that he fell in love with her way before he met her and the painting was the proof. Insyirah ignored him as her love stayed with Zafirul but when you were showered with love everyday, you eventually gave in and so did Insyirah. Of course, in between so many stuffs happened.
But all in all, everything comes to a good end. I love a happy ending. Who doesn't right? But in opinion, this is just like any other novel. Honestly to say, this novel is 'forgettable'. The writer can do better....

My rating: 6/10

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