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Thursday, April 19, 2012
Note to self: I'm not that young anymore! Haha!

Oh! Don't get me wrong. I know that I'm getting older by the seconds BUT I never thought that I would be getting old this fast. Hmmm... realization comes too late?

The symptoms (of me getting older):
1. Cramps
Believe it or not, I get cramps easily; cold environments makes my feet cramps and I always woke up with cramped arms. Nowadays, I'm even wearing socks at work.

2. Patience
I was less patience when I was a bit younger... hehe.

3. Tolerance
I can tolerate all those stuffs and people that used to be (and those who still are) irritating.

4. Seek Forgiveness
I used to be (or still am) a hard-headed, stubborn... you name it, I'm it. Mum told me I inherited that streak from my dad. If I know I'm right, I always stick to what I believe in and I won't apologize even to the elders... back in the days. But now, I know that as the younger generations, no matter how right I am, if I hurt the elders' feelings, yes, I seek their forgiveness. Why? I'm getting mature, I guess. Besides I kept on thinking of those people who never got the chance to seek for forgiveness from those who had left them. If one day, fate has it that I leave this life early, I want to be forgiven.

5. Ignorance
 In order to be accepted by my own peers, sometimes I (or maybe you) would do anything to be liked, don't you? Thinking about it, I kept on asking myself why friends like to be my friends? Is it because of me, of who I am or is it because being me friends is beneficial? Surprisingly, I found that most of my friends came into the latter category... haha! Friends with benefits do exist... I guess that's the reason why I have less 'real' friends. Pathetic? Heck NO! Then I know who are my true friends.

6. Drive Slower
I think this would fall under #2 but then to think about it, I don't really drive that slow nowadays. The only reason I drive slower because of the traffic... so.... haha

Ok... I guess that's enough symptoms (for now) for me to announce to the world that I'm getting older... LOL!

(Another) note to self: Age is just a number. How you live your life is what counts ;) Enjoy your age people. It doesn't come back....

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