A forgotten past....

Monday, April 16, 2012
When a relationship fails, we always say, "hope we can be friends.." or something as such. But do you honestly think that after a broken relationship, you and you ex can be friends? like you used to be?

Hmmm.. for me, it would never be. NO, I'm not saying I'm a revengeful person but I'm not a hypocrites either. Deep down, no matter how much you want a broken relationship turns to a friendship, in a real life, some things are never meant to be back as it was before. And that is the best reason I can give why I don't want a friendship to turn into a relationship. Why? 

It is easy to turn a friendship into a relationship but when the relationship fails, you lose both - a friend and an ex-boy/girlfriend. 

I know, my opinion might be biased but that's my life experience. Why do I brought this thing up? When one of my relationships ended, my ex told me, "we can still be friends", "keep in touch" and of course, knowing that your failed relationship didn't hold any grudges on both sides, it is consider a win-win situation for both. But then of course, we never keep in touch and basically we are a total strangers to each other soon after that... until one day, "have u ever thought of me?" came. 

What? Out of the blue? Hmmm... honestly no! No matter how long I had known you, once you treated me like a stranger, YOU ARE a stranger to me. I'm not a hypocrites that I would smile and try to make you feel better by saying that "yes, I have thought of you". For me, you are my forgotten past... remember you? Might be on a spur of moment but that's it. 

Living on the past won't get you anywhere.. living your life presently might get you somewhere and living forward will eventually get you somewhere...

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Dai Ning Li said...

Hi Iantie!

I agree with you. Mending the broken friendship after a failed relationship looks very impossible. I haven't tried the regathering part like going out again for old time's sake. But I did have exchanges of emails with my old-time ex-boyfriend. Honestly I don't feel as much attachment anymore to what we have in the past, but it made me happy somehow that he respected my decision of not coming near and maintain that necessary distance in order for us to breath well and go on with our lives.

There's no rule requiring us to save the friendship after everything has fallen apart. Neither there is, preventing us to continue the bond if there left a little value for the person.

Nice post. I can so relate! Haha

iantie said...

Ning Li,
I agreed with you as you agreed with me! LOL!
There is no way we can put up a smiley face for an old time's sake. We do have dignity for that, don't we? ;)

LyaWasniqa said...

It's just like the song "Somebody That I Use To Know - Gotye Feat. Kimbra".. ^^

check it out: