Novel Review: Ad + Iz

Monday, April 16, 2012
Ad + Iz
by Eury Athena
636 pages
Kaki Novel Enterprise

Finished reading this novel weeks ago but I just haven't got the time to update - update everything I guess!

Anyway, how shall I reviewed this novel coz it is a complicated storyline. Hah! Complicated pun salah, straight forward pun salah.. khehe.

Adrianna Mayesa had a very complicated life. Her mom died when she was younger, leaving her with her stepfather who later married a widow with 2 children. Hmmm... reminds me of Cinderella but in Cinderella, her father married a widow with 2 children. Back to the review; and of course, the stepmother didn't like Ad - short for Adrianna. Left her to feed for herself and when she got employed, she was expected to give her salary to the stepmum.

Tengku Farriel Izumi, the hero on the other hand, well, as the name went, was born into a branch of royalty. When he was a teenager, he found a girl in the alley - Arianna Maisara who was living with a cancer. He brought her home and his  treated her as their adopted daughter but not for Farriel. For him, Maisara was his first love. When she died, he was devastated.

Farriel's dad, Tengku Faris would do anything for his wealth and family. He tracked down someone who was similar to Maisara, Ad and sponsored her to study at the same elite school as Farriel. Farriel, who hated Ad for reminding him of Ann always bullied Ad at school.

Years gone by when Ad and Farriel accidently met when Ad who was sending dresses to Farriel's home was mistaken for Farriel's girlfriend. 3 hours after their accidental 'reunion', Ad and Farriel were asked to marry by Farriel's grandma. 

Ok... I gotta admit, the beginning of the story was quiet interesting but then everything heading to 'normal'. Ad and Farriel married; fought; cried and eventually fell in love with each other until Farriel's real girlfriend, Marina came back and wanted Farriel back into her life.

Then the story got complicated from there. Tengku Faris, who was blinded with wealth saw an opportunity with Marina when he found out that Marina inherited wealth from her parents. With his plans, he tried to break Ad and Farriel apart and asked Marina to seduce his own son!! Gosh! 

Anyway, Ad and Farriel fought again and Ad ran away. When Farriel finally managed to find her and explained everything, someone came and shot Ad... just like in a movie! LOL!!

I don't know how to review this novel exactly. Read it and let you be the judge of it.

My rating: 6.5/10

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