Aku Yang Kau Tinggalkan - Alina Haizar

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Author: Alina Haizar
No. of Pages: 758 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel


This is the first novel I read from this writer and it really didn't disappoint me.
As a fanatic reader, any readers infact, this is one novel you have to read.

And what makes this novel different from others is that the 'setting'.
The author managed to 'introduce' Turin, Italy and its famous cities to the readers.
And who doesn't love Italy?
For someone with an expanding imagination, I can just feel it!
The cities are historic,
the fashions are brilliant
and the men are so yummy-licious!! =D

Back to the novel, seriously, it had been listed into one of my top favorite novels!

And you can read the first few chapters online.
Feel free to click on the links above =)

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mIexZArZx said...

wow..9.5/10..mesti bestkan???nk kene cari gak ni kak..;)

DS. Utomo said...

Want to read it,too. My daughter Linda Herliantina is children book writer. Her latest book "Jejak Mawar Hilang" is published by Mizan Publishing House, Bandung (www.mizan.com). Hope you enjoy it. Thanks ! And plz don't forget to comment my blog.

iantie said...

Miexzarzx (alamak! susahnya nak taip.. khehe.. jgn marah) - yup, yang ini gerenti tak menyesal. saya berani jamin. hehe. if awak not sure, awak boleh baca online tapi sampai certain chapters je. manalah tahu after this u addicted (macam saya... hehe)

iantie said...

DS Utomo - I will try to look for your daughter's book. Honestly, I never read an Indonesia book before, mainly because of the language. There are certain language and phrases that I couldn't understand but I might try, starting with your daughter's book. Thanks!

rosidah said...

i manage to finish it in one day, i give it 5 bintang. rugi kalau tak baca

LyaWasniqa said...

One of my best novel too!! XD

p/s: sgt suka blog nih.. sebenarnya, saya tengah cari review novel2...terjumpa blog nih...

although the review in english, the feeling is still the same... thumbs up! :)

iantie said...

Rosidah - 5 bintang dari berapa? Hehe... yup.. ceta nie memang best... tak rugi mbaca kan? ;)

iantie said...

Thank u for stopping by n liking my blog ;) sorry, my reviews are in english but its easier for me to revuew it in english rather than malay =D

Enjoy ur readings here...

Hve a great weekend