Bicara Hati vs Cinta Buat Emelda

Monday, April 16, 2012

Haha... why do I always do comparison between the malay dramas?
Before, I did Bicara Hati vs Gemersik Kalbu, now I'm doing Bicara Hati vs Cinta Buat Emelda.

Honestly, I love both dramas and both novels, Damya Hanna's Bicara Hati and Aleya Aneesa's Kasih Antara Kita. Bicara Hati aired once a week (doesn't these people know, waiting is a torture for an impatient person like moi? LOL) while Cinta Buat Emelda aired every Monday to Thursday!

Episodes? Gosh... don't let me go there! Cinta Buat Emelda is coming to her 13th episode while Bicara Hati, which started aired last February is only now coming to 15th episode! 

If before, I said Gemersik Kalbu was slow, now I have to say Bicara Hati is slow. So many unnecessary scenes. I know I shouldn't expect novel and drama to be the same eventho the drama is an adaption of the novel coz it would never be the same but in Bicara Hati, the drama is way out of adaption, at the moment... But no matter what, I'm sticking to Bicara Hati till the end... 

I mean, you cannot say no to Sharnaaz Ahmad...haha

As for Cinta Buat Emelda, wow! I never expect to be amazed by a drama but this one does! From the first episode till their 12th episode, this drama never fails to (thanks for pointing it out =D ) bore me! And for the first time in watching drama, every episode, my tears never fail to burst... haha... so melodramatic! But it's so true! And what make this drama so good is that at the end of every episode, there is always something suprising coming up and then the wording appeared.... "bersambung..." and that what makes me looking forward for each episodes!

Can't wait for the ending for both dramas.

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