Another Wedding... Another Cousin-in-law...

Monday, April 16, 2012
Last weekend, 8th April, we crossed the borders, crossed the Brunei river and came home to my mum's homeland, Temburong! 

I rarely come home to Temburong coz basically there is nothing to do there. Apart from my grandma, my muslim-convert uncle and his family and my youngest uncle and his family; all my mum's siblings have migrated to Bandar due to work commitments.

But we all came home to help celebrate my cousin, Fatin's wedding. She is my uncle hwa's (or his muslim name, Jeffery) daughter. Still young but then hey, if that's what's written for her, we are happy to help her celebrate!

Congratulation Fatin and my new cousin-in-law, Rahmat! 
Lovely couple =)

Told you, there is lots of weddings and engagements in the family this year ;)

p.s. the second photo is taken from cousin, Nadia's fb.

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