Novel Review: Syurga Di Wajahmu

Monday, April 16, 2012

Syurga Di Wajahmu
by Laila Hanni
539 pages
Kaki Novel Enterprise

The first time I read this novel online from penulisan2u.my, I was head over heels. But it took me ages to finally go and buy this novel and it took me (another) ages to finaly read this novel. And at last! This morning, I managed to finish this novel. Haha! Talk about nothing else to do...

The first time Hairi, a medical student, met Idayu, it was love at first sight for him. But to tame Idayu, a beautiful wonderful, shy girl was the most challenging task ever for this city boy. The only way for him to have her was to propose her. After 2 meetings, one month of knowing each other, they finally got engaged.

But when Idayu found out that she was born out of wedlock (her real mother was raped by several men), she was devastated and suffering from low-self esteem. Knowing that no one would ever accept her with her uncertain status, she decided to break off her engagement to Hairi without letting him knew the real reason. Both were heart broken; Idayu had to let go of her love and Hairi, thinking that Idayu cheated on him.

6 years later, Idayu managed to finish her nursing degree decided to work in a home, caring for the ill Engku Maryam. Her beauty caught Engku Lokman's attentions. Engku Lokman was a playboy who lived a sinful life. Women for him were just to satisify his needs. Eversince he saw Idayu in an inappropriate manners, he couldn't stop but to think about her. One night, he entered Idayu's room and raped her, thinking that by having her body, it would satisfy his needs. Idayu ran away...

When Engku Badrul, Lokman's dad found out, he forced Lokman to marry Idayu (by bribing him with a biggest share in the company), hoping that Idayu would change Lokman's playboy nature. Astrid, Lokman's domestic partner at that time was furious when she found out that Lokman was getting married. But Lokman promised her that after 3 months of marriage with Idayu, he would be back with her.

But Lokman never thought marrying Idayu was the best thing that ever happened in his life. She thought him of the true meaning of life and forgave him for his sinful life, thinking that she had change him. Lokman was head over heels in love with Idayu that he forgot all about Astrid and his promises until one day, Astrid came back and everything became haywire; Lokman explained to Astrid that he couldn't another; Astrid wanted Lokman back; Idayu was getting suspicious.

One day, sh saw Lokman and Astrid together, entering into once-Lokman's love-nest condiminium with Astrid. She ran away, met up with her ex-fiance who still love her. I guess it's true that if you love someone, seeing that someone happy eventhough it's not with you, is good enough for you. And that what Hairi did. He tried to mend Idayu and Lokman's misunderstanding... ahhh! so noble!

Of course, it's a happy ending! I love novel with a happy ending coz for me, life is not as perfect as those in the novels and my only 'escape' route from this unperfect world is thru reading... call me a dreamer but who never dream of a happy life? ;)

My rating: 8/10

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