Kasih Antara Kita & Cinta Buat Emelda

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exactly 6 years ago, I read this novel and honest to say, I would just say that it is like any other novel (or maybe my so-called mature mind hadn't developed fully back then LOL!)

Anyway, now TV3 is currently showing Cinta Buat Emelda...

.... and it is an adaption of Aleya Aneesa's Kasih Antara Kita.

I know it is another drama adapted from novel and I do remember how the story went... or so I thought.
I managed to watch till episode 2 and man, by the time I finished watching the drama, let's just say that I got out from my bed, headed to my mini library and dig this novel out the shelves AND reread again the novel!

Turn out I barely remember the storyline.
But I gotta say, I'm loving this drama already.
I mean, for 1 thing, it comes straight to the point and gosh! I couldn't believe I cried watching it... hummm!

Looking forward to this drama everyday!

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