My Weekend... Drop Dead Sleepy, Runny Nose and Craving for Cotton Candy

Sunday, August 1, 2010
I was suffering from a bad runny nose and sneezing since Friday and when I couldn't stand it no more, I swallowed an antihistamine to relieve my runny nose hence the drowsiness effect and it knocked me out for exactly 8 hours.

Saturday morning, I had a little bit of sneezing and runny nose but as the morning progressed, I sneezed more often and non-stop runny nose. By 11am, I couldn't stand it no more and went to see the doctor. Being a dedicated person (LOL!), I kindly rejected the MC the doctor wanted to give me saying that I can go 4 more hours left of the working day. But once I got my medications, my symptoms were getting worst and instead of going to the doctor again to claim my MC, I asked my boss if I could take the half day off.

Was I being given half day off on a Saturday? Of course! My boss rather had me taking the day off instead of me "being drop dead" - as his exact word.. LOL! I came home, took another of the antihistamine and I was out cold till 9pm!! Woke up to fill my tummy and I slept soundlessly (I think!) again till I was woken up by my Dad this morning!

Didn't feel too well (my nose hurts like ####!) so I stayed at home and watched some long overdue movies! 2 movies actually - so far anyway!
The Last Song

My brother was asking me whether I'm crying due to the movie or due to my runny nose? Somehow he was confused - as me claimed! LOL! And my answer... both! I was crying the part where the father passed away *sniff*sniff*
Initially it was boring.. haha! Gosh, I'm so blunt but that's the truth. I was thinking, "Urrgghhh..not another summer vacation romance" but as the movie rolled further, it's quiet interesting actually..... and sad!

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

I know, I'm so left behind but better late than never right?
Anyway, I like this movie. Not my favourite movie of the year but still it's a good movie.
Don't you just wish you can take a look at the future and come back to the present and undo what you would have done? Hmmm... *wishful thinking*

By late afternoon, I was back to my usual self - health wise anyway and in need of fresh air. So when my parents were thinking of going to the Consumer Fair (again!), I tagged along. On our way to the Bridex Hall, there was an accident involving 2 cars and a bus (transporting the visitors). It was a bad accident. Few children were hurt but thanx God, no fatal casualties and the traffic.... hmmm... jammed both lanes.

Anyway, managed to snap some pictures ;)

The dome in between Hall 1 and Hall 2

1 of the 2 main entrances

Above and below: on our way to the car, saw this twin rainbow.
Can you see both the rainbows?

Above and below: the view of the sea.

Conference Hall of the Bridex Hall

I was craving for cotton candy on the way home. Not the usual cotton candy but the one that is freshly made, so we went to Kiulap and Gadong but couldn't find any ;( so I have to settle with the ready made cotton candy... oh well!

Managed to snap pictures of the Jame' Asre Mosque on the way to Kiulap in the late afternoon light.

5 knock knock:

Didz said...

Hey!...I bought cotton candy like yesterday...hm, that's weird :) get plenty of rest m8!

iantie said...

haha.. now m okay - i think. just my nose hurts saja..kept on sneezing and running.
iawah m8? do u know where they make any fresh cotton candy? I don't want yg dlm plastik atu. I want yg fresh banar2. any idea?

Didz said...

i dunno di brunei ani m8 aa, but the last time yg fresh one, i had it while i dropped by ke agri, the boss kinda 'forced' me to have it! hehehe..but i'll ask around..no worries m8! ;) hope to see u around soon!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

nice rainbows girl!

iantie said...

m8: thanx m8! really appreciate it but if nda kau tau, it's ok... it's just once in awhile craving addict, i guess..

laura: thanx! must be my lucky afternoon ;)