Biarlah YM Berbicara - Hanni Ramsul

Friday, August 6, 2010

Title: Biarlah YM Berbicara
Author: Hanni Ramsul
No. of Pages: 582 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel Enterprise

After finished reading Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu by Siti Rosmizah, I bought 2 novels by Hanni Ramsul with a recommendation from the bookstore lady.

I decided to read this novel first - Biarlah YM Berbicara - considering that this novel is a lot more 'slimmer' than the other 1 LOL!!

YM - Yahoo Messenger... just not to let other people confuse out there... like I did the first time I read the title! I won't say here what I thought initially of the YM...

Adhiya, in her life, there are 3 men making her life 'complicated' - her cousin, Kamal; her boss,Firdaus and her YM chatter, Charming!

Kamal, who likes her more than cousin, years ago had tried to rape her just so that Adhiya would marry him and come with him to Australia. Due to the incident, Adhiya hates him.

Firdaus, hmmm...there is something 'weird' about her boss, or so Adhiya thought. But then Firdaus admits that he likes Adhiya.

While Charming, makes her heart knows the meaning of loving, thinking and missing. So many times Charming wanted a meet up but Adhiya refused. So scared to get her heart broken.

So, her life evolved around these 3 men - Kamal, showing up to make amends, Firdaus, who somehow makes her life 'unsettling' and Charming who makes her alive until 1 day she finds out that Firdaus and Charming is a same person.

What happened next? hehehe! Read it...

If you are not sure whether to buy it or not, why don't try to read few chapters online. Here is the website - Biarlah YM Berbicara


Personally, I give this novel 8.5 out of 10 ;)

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