Ramadhan Addition...

Monday, August 16, 2010
Second day of Ramadhan, my lonely cat, Hitam (Blackie) gave birth to 3 adorable kittens. It's been a long long long time we didn't have any new born kittens in the family, so I was pretty excited about it. The last time we had new born kittens was like 9 years ago - told you it was that long!

The kittens were sleeping

Putut (coz of the short tail) - adorably sleeping

Lampuh (Fattie) coz he's (I think) is the cubbiest of all and he got a pretty fur

Left to right: Putut, Labut and Lampuh
(p.s. please don't ask me why we had weird names for our cats. My brothers gave them their names).

2 knock knock:

ゆき Ezura said...

CUTE!!!!!!! hahhah Putut, and Lampuh, and Labut.. I want!!!!!! *Die-hard cat fan*

iantie said...

haha... sorry Cuz. this time we can't give.. if the mummy gives birth again, maybe we will give ah.

it's been quiet a while we didn't have any kittens so these 3 are for keep. hehe