Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm not a big fan of Tekken (the game) but growing up with 5 brothers, I got little choice in choosing what movie to watch.
So last night, after the Consumer Fair which was held in Bridex Hall, Jerudong, we came home to drop off Mum and Dad, then we went straight to Kiulap Mall to watch Tekken - the movie!
It was packed! The parking lots and the cinema area itself!
It took me 7 rounds before I gave up searching for parking and parked far, far away!
Luckily Bro Andy bought the tickets earlier in the morning, so we got the upper seats and wow! it was fully filled down till the last few rows!

The movie? Hmmm...it was okay! Brutal as any action movies go! But it doesn't meet up my expectation...
M not gonna spoil the game fanatics out there, so watch it yourself and judge for yourself ;)

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

i will have to take your word on this one.... that is unfamiliar territory
no boys living here anymore :(
~haha have a good weekend

iantie said...

hehe... yea laura, if you not a game fanatic as I am, better don't go..watch something else... hehe

u have a great weekend laura - i'm just recovering from a runny nose ;(

ゆき Ezura said...

did you watch it?????!!! AAaaaaaa, still I don't really like the story... too much spoil, and off from the original game

iantie said...

Ezura: yup, i watched it with the boys and yea, it's not up to my expectation :(