My Ramadhan... so far

Monday, August 16, 2010
This would be my first blog at 6am in the morning! Haha! I had my sahur, my Subuh prayer and guess what.. I got time to kill before work, hence here I am, surfing, blogging, checking my mails since 4.30am!

How's my Ramadhan? So far, so good... Alhamdulilah! Today would be the second day of working on the fasting month and as the years before, I still prefer to work during Ramadhan.

Why? The working hours is less by an hour - sometimes, for us! Working from 8am till 2pm, nonstop is actually quiet fun! You don't even realise the time passes by. But then the heat on my way home sometimes unbearable! Luckily my car is fully tinted and the air-conditioning is okay..

Came home, I would have my Zuhur prayer, take a rest then the Asar prayer and only then I would come out from my 'abode of laziness' aka my room and help out with the cooking.. hehe

By 6, no one can disturb me from watching Jejak Rasul 16 on TV3. That would take half an hour and by then, it's breaking fast time...

Night time, time for Terawih prayer. So far, me and my brothers had been 'mosque-hopping'. We went to different mosque every night for our Isya and Terawih prayers. Why? Just wanna live up to the experience in different mosque and yes, you can feel the difference.

Last night we went to Jame' Asre. It was raining hence I totally forgot to bring my camera. And up till now, I still regret for not taking interior pictures of the beautiful, magnificent Jame' Asre mosque. Oh well, Ramadhan is still long way to go, maybe, InsyaAllah we will go there again for our Isya' and Terawih prayers.

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