Pergilah Air Mata - Hanni Ramsul

Friday, August 6, 2010

Title: Pergilah Air Mata
Author: Hanni Ramsul
No. of Pages: 858 pages
Author: Kaki Novel Enterprise

Pergilah Air Mata (PAM) would be the third thick malay novels I had read so far after Kasih Pun Bersatu and Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu and PAM would be the thickest of all 3!!!

It took me 5 days to finish this novel! Ikutkan hati, I would like to finish this book ASAP coz of the superb storyline but apart from reading novels, I got other unavoidable commitments...

This novel is listed as 1 of my favourite novels! Definitly!

Story of Sabrina and Badrul. 2 strangers who were caught in a room together - tangkap basah! They had to get married and Badrul hated Sabrina so much that he planned to make her life hard and suffering. Sabrina, who lost everything - a boyfriend, a job and a bestfriend; gave up on life and just moving on as the day passes. And when Badrul wanted to marry Dayana, his girlfriend, Dayana refused cos she didn't want to share a husband. And what did Sabrina do? She met Dayana and told her that between her and Badrul, there won't be any feelings and when the time comes, Badrul promised to let go of Sabrina, as she told Dayana.

So, with that, Dayana was satisfied and she and Badrul got married. Yes! Now, Badrul got 2 wives - Sabrina, the one that he hated but somehow and slowly he can't describe his feelings for Sabrina and Dayana, the woman he loved but somehow the woman who won't sacrifice her job for him...

As the days and months passed by, Badrul was more confused with his feelings towards his wives. When he was with Dayana,he always thinking of Sabrina. When he was lonely and alone (cos Dayana was busy working), Badrul went to Sabrina and Sabrina only felt that Badrul was using her as a substitute for his loneliness.

With Sabrina, Badrul was strict. Sabrina was not allowed to go out of the house, not allowed to work. But with Dayana, he was speechless. Nothing he said would be accepted by Dayana.

As Sabrina and Badrul knew more of each other, they couldn't help but to fall in love. Stuffs happened and when Dayana found out, she gave Badrul an option - her or Sabrina. Sabrina who was hurt with what Badrul said, went away.

So, what happened next? Who did Badrul choose? Sabrina or Dayana? And what really happened initially that made Sabrina and Badrul were caught in the same room?

My advice, don't bother to think whether to buy and read this book. You just need to go out to the bookstore, buy it and read it! One thing for sure, you won't regret it!! That's my word! But if you still insist of 'reviewing' it first, you may read the first few chapter online - Pergilah Air Mata

I give this novel 9 out of 10!!

Happy reading peeps!

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