Red Nosed Iantie

Monday, August 16, 2010
"Red Nosed Iantie"

That is what my boss called me today. Why? Coz my sinusitis is back! and pluurrrgghhh, it's not a good thing!

I was exposed to the rain last night on my way to the mosque and hence the comeback of the sinusitis. My nose didn't stop running and I sneezed a lot which in the end cause me a headache.

It's been a long time I didn't have a sinus attack. Thanx to the antihistamine. Yup, for last 3 years I had been taking antihistamine - loratadine mostly - for my sinusitis. But I stopped taking it for almost a year now (coz I don't want to be dependent on medication) and I had been feeling okay without it.

But recently, I noticed that my sinusitis attack is more frequent and 'torturing'. 'Torturing' here means leaky nose, blocked nose, red nosed (of course!), sneezing nonstop, watery eyes, puffy eyes and headache. That's my 'torture' whenever I'm having sinusitis. Some days I can keep on working as usual but most days, it's way too difficult. I rarely take MC so I'm not gonna star now - not for sinusitis anyway.

Oh! I guess back to popping loratadine soon....

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