The Expendables

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Me and my brothers skipped our terawih prayer (so bad!) tonight to watch this movie.
And man! don't I just love this movie.
This movie is so packed with actions and I LIKE!
And with so many A-list actors and wrestlers, this is definitly a movie to watch.

As far as I can remember and recall, this is the only movie and the first time I ever see Jason Statham laughed and smiled. All his other movies (The Transporters, The Italian Job, The Bank Job, Death Race), he is so demmed serious but in this movie, it's nice to see the 'lighter' side of him... and his acting, never disappoint me so far.

As for Slyvester Stallone, it's been quiet some times I didn't see him act. Honestly, I gotta say that he is kindda old for action movies. I know that's his genre but then, it doesn't suit him no more.

Bruce Wills and Arnold Schwarzenegger are also in this movie for about 3-5 minutes. Jet Li is one of the main characters. Overall, the movie is very entertaining and there is a bit of humors here and there that makes it worth the watch.

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