Geeez!!! Another May Birthday Celebrant!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
How could I? How could I? I mean, I forgot another May birthday celebrant and this person is also very very close to me....it's MY OWN NIECE!!!! Now, everyone will think what a lousy aunt I am...which I'm not. Infact, I'm the super cool, sporting, fun and young (whahaha!) aunt.

Batrisya Adawiyah....Happy birthday darling. You are 5 years old now....hhheeeehhhh...see how the time pass you by. Just 5 years ago, I can fit you in my travel bag and bring you to Singapore with me and now, you can't fit into my travel bag no more.....(anyone of you think that is a serious statement, then I think you are out of your mind) haha! and yes, it's not true and no, I'm not that lousy aunt which will stuff my own niece in a bag and bring her overseas...hehe!

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