Updates Overdue!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
It had been a while I didn't update my blog...well, tell the truth, it had been a while I didn't open my laptop, sampai behabuk-habuk dah..hehe! There were many things happening that somehow I just got buzy to update my blog or to open my laptop.

Earlier this month, for the 1st time ever since October 2004, I took an MC. I got conjunctivitis....yikes! Not a good feeling, I tell you. Everyone treated me like I am an invalid; cannot do anything...just lie back and relax, cannot jalan-jalan...so boring man! And just last weekend, I fell sick again, high fever, headaches and all those associate with damam...Now, I'm feeling a bit better, just my throat itchy and painful sja....

With my immune system low this month and with the addational workload, I can't wait for my next leave - which is coming soon but it's only for 4 days...but nevermind! As long as I don't think about work for that 4 days. But...apa nie, so many butsss....hehehe. Anyway, I don't think I can relax during my leave coz my dad eventually will leave for KL-Kelantan this 3rd June and he is expected to be there for 1 month, so as the 2nd eldest, I'm expected to burden almost all of the responsibilities during my dad's absence as my eldest brother is not living with us....hmmm....I have to run here and there to pay bills, buy electric top up and bla bla bla during my leave...

Workwise....with my hectic social life (ehem ehem), I managed to submit 2 of my pending reports and both had been approved by my boss(es)! Next would be my inspection report....which is not as easy as I thought it would be. Entah lah...I mean, I sure can do it, right? I mean this is not the first time I'm doing it...so, hopefully before this month is out and before my leave, I can manage to finish and submit the report. Apart from that, our KKC project somehow had managed to get the attention of our minister and somehow he wanted us to present to him - unofficially - our project somewhere this 11th/12th June! Yikessss!!! That is like less than 3 weeks away and we are not ready to present anything yet! Nowdays, I always came home late just to attend after office meetings....so tiring man!

What else? Okay, work activities....We have a cleaning campaign this Friday and next week, during the long weekend, we will be having a fishing activity! Geeezzz! No wonder all the pharmacy staffs are so stress with so many activities and all....I'm tired! Mentally and physically!!

Social life?? Hmmm..getting better. I'm in a relationship at the moment which surprises almost EVERYONE!!! Hahaha! What?! What so suprising in that?! I mean, all of them know I had few hoping male friends and it is not surprising for me to choose one of them, right? Anyway, yeah...so I'm in a relationship and we'll see how that goes. One of my colleague was asking how my boyfriend (hehe!) can tahan(stand) to be with me when he, who is working everyday with me couldn't stand me? Hey! I'm a good person, it's just that as a lady and a bit of perfectionist, I tend to be fussy and nag...haha! Well, he (my colleague) is not my bf, so of course la he couldn't tahan....hahaha!

What else? Oh yeah! I watched Iron Man twice! in the cinema and Speed Racer. The Chronical of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I haven't manage to watch it yet with my damam and all....and my new Astro card alum ada.....hmmm..better go to Limbang this Friday and check again with the company....

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