Drivers with their attitude and their cars!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Okay! I'm having my rage again about some drivers' attitude here in Brunei road. It's the basic rule of the road that if it's a two lanes, the slower vehicles will use the left lane and right lane is for the faster, zoomer vehicles, right? Correct me if I'm wrong (which I'm not! hehe). And when you want to overtake, whether it's a two lanes or single lane, you will overtake to the right side, not the left side, am I right?

"Keep to the left when not overtaking" - as a road sign always indicates.

So, this morning, I was zooming away, on my way to Telisai and somewhere along the Tutong highway, there is this silver Merc M-Class on the right lane and he is pacing around 60-80km/hr. I slowed down coz there is no way he can squeeze to the left lane with all the army trucks (as what I thought initially) so I tailed him for like 1KM and when the left lane is free of vehicle and he still didn't budge, that's when it hit me that this snob driver had no intention to move his big, fat, silver ass to the left lane; so I overtook him from the left lane. Don't get me wrong but Merc M-class is one of my many dream cars but come on lah, road rule is a road rule....what more you want me to say?

You know, this is not unusual in Brunei. I don't know, maybe Bruneians are so 'rich' that almost everyone can afford expensive cars and when they do get their hands on expensive cars, they tend to show off or just plain snob with what they have. With my fair share of the road and all, I have seen these type (who thinks their cars are the kings of the road and won't move when they are suppose to).

Am I saying Bruneians are insensitive? Nda jua... Inconsiderate? Hmm...nda jua... Selfish more like it... And yea, I'm a Bruneian so maybe also once in awhile, I'm also selfish but as I said, ONCE IN A WHILE, not always. I know when I'm on the right lane and when I am suppose to move to the left lane coz as everyone else (I presume) learnt the road rules....

Another thing, why you want to buy an expensive, faster car when you are driving like a turtle? Coz you love your car to speed? If that's the answer, then better frame your car in your garage and don't let it run.... For comfort? Yeah, well that's more reasonable but if your are driving 60-80km/hr in a right lane of a long highway, you are mostly irritating....

What's your average speed in a highway? Me? Minimum of 100km/hr and maximum of 160km/hr....yea, speed kills, I know that.

A wise guy once said, "It's better late to arrive than not to arrive at all"

And my word, please people, the road is not yours only to use....be aware of other road users....

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