Novel Review: Kau, Aku, Kita

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kau, Aku, Kita
by Orkid Edyliyne
374 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd
Ok! I gave up! I think me and Orkid Eyliyne were not meant to be.

I finished reading her second novel and I still couldn't get the author's mindset. But to be honest, her second novel is a lot more better than her first. At least I can try to understand what is she trying to say.

Shall I do the review? Hmm... let's see

Both are named Iman Firdaus. Both are totally different from each other. 1 is a female and the other is male. The male, Aus comes from a well off family and an actor nevertheless while Iman, lost her parents due to 'accidents', drop out of high school and has to support her 5 younger brothers.

Both Iman Firdaus(s) accidently meet To save himself from his parents' pressure and gossips with female artists, Aus, asked Iman to help him by agreeing to be his wife. Iman accepts when Aus promised to take care of her and her younger brothers.

As in her previous novels, the author made it a habit that the male and the female characters didn't get along well... what they do? fight... fight.. fight... and fight some more.

I also don't know how, when and why the ending becomes as such.. hmm...

I let the other readers read it...

My rating: 4.5/10

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